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Cuba finds mutual ground for clean energy cooperation with Finland

Published: 21.6.2021

The Head of Mission of Cuba in Finland, Mr. Victor Manuel Rodriguez Etcheverry and his wife paid a visit to Vaasa for the first time on 21st June, 2021 to discuss the possible future opportunities for cooperation between Cuba and Finland.

Mr. Etcheverry expressed his strong interest in the renewable energy sector in Vaasa during his meeting with the Vaasa region representatives of Woima Corporation, Vaasa region Development Company, the Technology Center Merinova, the Regional Council of Ostrobothnia and the Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce. The CEO Mr. Kinnunen from Woima Corporation told about his experiences from doing business in the West Indies and Mr. Etcheverry was very impressed with the waste management solutions that Woima can offer.

As one of the big supporters of Cuba against the US blockade that has been imposed for more than almost six decades, Finland is ready to cooperate with Cuba specifically in the clean energy industry. Cuba now gets 95% of its power supply from fossil fuels, however it has made headway in green energy. The government’s Renewable Energy Program which is part of the Caribbean nation’s national economic and social development plan aims to raise clean energy output from today’s 5% to 24% by 2030 and Finland could assist Cuba in reaching this goal by possible mutual cooperation of the Finnish clean energy companies inside the Cuban business market.

The bioelectric program in Cuba depends on various renewable resources such as the photovoltaic and wind farms, along with the hydroelectric and biomass. The program is expected to promote a secure and sustainable access to the clean and renewable energy. In addition, it will enhance the application of solar heats, lamps, lights and bulbs with LED technology.

Mr. Etcheverry highlighted some of the challenges that could hinder applying the Finnish technologies inside Cuba. However, having the good will and finding the right investors who can provide their services and technologies with reasonable prices will pave the way for the mutual collaboration. Mr. Etcheverry stressed that everything is possible if we could make the best out of both knowledge and money.