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Extensive feedback from residents on road names in Sundom - names will be in use in autumn

Published: 20.6.2023

At the turn of the year, residents of Sundom had the opportunity to give their opinion on options for new road names for the area. The names were prepared by the Vaasa City Planning Department. Currently, the area has 48 unnamed roads that, according to the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities’ guidelines, should be named.

Feedback on the completion and revision of the names of Sundom’s roads and numbering of the area’s houses was requested from residents via the map service between 15 December 2022 and 15 February 2023. A total of 160 individual responses were received. Most of the feedback was received via the map service as requested, but feedback received by telephone and e-mail was also included.

– Most of the feedback was well-founded and such that we can implement them. We are very grateful for people’s detailed feedback and active participation! It is thanks to these people that Sundom will have grammatically and historically sound names, says Anne Majaneva, the planning architect preparing the names.

The Vaasa Regional Planning Department has been working with the Real Estate Office and the Geographical Information Services Unit to prepare the naming of the roads. The aim is to get the addresses for all properties that are connected by roads and located in the mainland.

Feedback will be taken forward

The proposed names and feedback were also presented to the Sundom Regional Board in February. The board formed a working group to review the proposals and feedback, and the group has discussed them with the planning architect in early May.

– I thank the regional board and its naming working group for their work on this issue, says Majaneva.

Residents gave the most feedback on the proposed changes to Länsirannantie and Svarvarintie. The city’s reasoning for the proposed changes was that there are roads with the same name in neighbouring municipalities, either in Finnish or Swedish.

– Comments will also be sought from neighbouring municipalities and the Fire and Rescue Department before making any final decisions, says Majaneva.

The final decision will be taken by the Urban Environment Board, to which the matter will be referred after the comments have been made. The aim is to have a decision in the autumn.

Concrete work will start after the decision

The real estate and building control departments will enter the new addresses in the registers, and property owners will be informed of the new addresses and the timetable for their entry into force. The information will also be updated in the registers of the Land Survey Office and the Office for Digital and Population Data Services Agency. New street name signs will be commissioned and installed by the Public Engineering Services. This has been considered in next year’s budget.

There are also other old village areas in Vaasa where the address system and numbering require additions and revising in the future. For these, the procedures and timetables are not yet clear.