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Free hobbies in schools reach hundreds of children

Published: 30.8.2023

Vaasa schoolchildren will again have access to a wide range of free hobbies in the autumn term of 2023. Children and young people will have access to hobbies in connection to the school day, for example through the Vaasa model for leisure activities.

In the autumn semester of 2023, Vaasa’s basic education schools will organise around 56 free clubs for pupils in grades 1–9 and almost 90 weekly free hobby activities through the Vaasa model for leisure activities.

For Autumn term 2023, the hobby activities in schools will start in September, so parents should follow the information on Wilma closely.

– Each school informs about its clubs directly in Wilma, so you should follow your school’s messages and newsletters especially attentively in the early autumn, say project coordinator Anne Lamminen and service planner Sari Kivelä.

Sports, cooking and crafts

Vaasa aims to give every child and young person in Vaasa the opportunity to take part in a fun and free activity as part of their school day.

– This autumn’s activities look delightfully varied, with many new activities. The schools will organise a variety of arts and crafts activities, for example. Lots of favourites will continue, such as climbing and sports activities. Emerging trends include gaming and digital skills, such as coding. Pupils’ wishes have been listened to very carefully, says Lamminen.

The schools also organise music clubs, homework sessions, as well as outdoor and adventure clubs, among other things!

The range of activities varies from school to school

The range of activities offered by each school depends on the wishes of the pupils and the school as well as on the actors involved in organising activities in each area.

– The range of activities therefore varies from school to school. And the activities organised in a particular school are aimed exclusively at pupils from that school, says Kivelä.

The hobbies are organised in cooperation between the City of Vaasa’s basic education and many other units of the city and other partners, such as local associations and clubs, that offer hobby activities.

Hobbies selected based on suggestions from children and young people

When planning the selection of activities, it is important to listen to the wishes of children and young people.

The hobbies are organised in Vaasa’s primary schools with project funding for the Vaasa model for leisure activities granted by the Regional State Administrative Agency for Western and Inland Finland and with a special grant from the Finnish National Board of Education.

The main objective of the Vaasa model for leisure activities is to increase the well-being of children and young people. Its implementation is coordinated by the City of Vaasa Youth Services.