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Greetings from the Puddle – apply to implement your Art Splash during April

Published: 2.4.2024

The Puddle is a month-long event held in October for families and children in Vaasa. In 2023, approximately 7,000 children and adults joined the Puddle activities.

The network of organisers creating the Puddle has begun planning works for the 2024 Puddle Month. The All over the Walls campaign is underway to showcase children’s artwork, and soon the Arts Splash grant application process will begin. Additionally, a new event aimed at families with babies, Baby Puddle, will be created in May.

Throughout October, any operators creating activities for families with children can submit their offerings for Puddle by August 8, 2024. The registration form can be found on the City of Vaasa’s website.

The All Over the Walls campaign seeks empty walls for children’s art

During October, children’s artwork will be showcased across Vaasa through the All Over the Walls campaign. By the end of April, spaces or walls for children’s art exhibitions can be offered for the campaign. For more information on the campaign or to offer space, contact cultural educator Sanna Asikainen (

Arts Splash grant application period is in April

Arts Splashes are interactive and free workshops, performances, or artistic events aimed at children under 12 and their families. The aim of Arts Splashes is to bring joy and memorable experiences. Three grants of €500 each will be awarded for Arts Splashes. The application form can be found on the City of Vaasa’s website.

Arts Splashes are preferably scheduled for Saturday mornings on 5 October, 12 October, and 19 October, from 10:00 to 14:00; times typically favoured by families. However, applicants can propose alternative dates and times!

The Arts Splashes to be implemented will be selected by the Puddle Curators, an expert group of children, during May.

–It’s advisable to include a preview advertisement with the application to facilitate children’s decision-making, says Asikainen.

May launches the Baby Puddles

For the first time, there will be a dedicated event for the very youngest family members, Baby puddle, on May 15, 2024. Parents with babies under 12 months can participate in a colour bath for babies at the Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art workshop.

The Main Library’s story room will host a rhyme bath, and there will be a rhyme bucket for the Time for a Little Rhyme writing campaign. In the sensory workshop at the Main Library’s Drama Hall, parents can experience their own colour bath through multi-sensory activities. Some Baby Puddle events require pre-registration.

The planning for the Puddle is in full swing, says cultural educator Sanna Asikainen, who hopes that families in Vaasa will once again find their way to the Puddle.

For more information about the event, visit the City of Vaasa website