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A walking tral is being cleared around Kynsiluoto during the winter. Timo Soini and Jarmo Latvala from the green construction team, along with forestry engineer Leif Bengs, are exploring the site.

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Kynsiluoto is being cleared for a walking trail and the campfire sites are being fixed

Published: 22.2.2024

Updated: 23.2.2024

The city-owned Kynsiluoto island in Vaasa is currently undergoing clearing work. The aim is to create a walking trail around the island and to refurbish the campfire sites along it.

Kynsiluoto is located off the coast of Gerby. There are no cottages on the island, and it is open to everyone as a recreational and outdoor activity area.

Vaasa City’s public utility services’ green construction team installed a new pier on the island in the autumn of 2022.

– Kynsiluoto was once a popular destination for outings, but over the years, it has suffered greatly from vandalism. The renovation work now continues with the clearing of a trail around the island, says Jarmo Latvala, service coordinator of the green construction team.

The clearing work must be done in winter so that the heavy equipment can reach the island. Currently, a pathway is being cleared, and later, some of the trees and bushes along the shore will also be thinned out. The edge areas will be treated to vary the density, to facilitate the needs of the bird population and nesting.

More sand to the beach

The island also features a beach area for recreation and barbecue areas in need of renovation.

– We plan to fix the island’s three campfire sites by summer. Additionally, we intend to bring in 3-5 truckloads of sand to the small southern beach area of the island, if the ice stays thick enough, explains Latvala.

According to Latvala, it is hoped that Kynsiluoto can become a shared recreational area for all residents of Vaasa.

– It’s a beautiful place and quite close to the city.

Trees damaged by the spruce bark beetle are being cut down

As part of clearing the path, trees damaged particularly by the spruce bark beetle have been removed, and an assessment has been made of the condition of other trees. All dead trees being felled are large, dead spruces.

– These spruces have been destroyed by the spruce bark beetle. We are removing the dead trees to slow down the spread of the pest. The spruce bark beetle causes the death of the spruce by eating its surface under the bark, so the stump of the felled tree may appear healthy, explains Leif Bengs, forestry engineer.

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