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Lifti starts operating on 1 July: more frequent services and shorter travel times

Published: 7.7.2022

Lifti, the joint regional public transport network of the City of Vaasa and Municipality of Mustasaari, will start operating at the beginning of July. At the same time, new, easier routes and summer timetables will come into force. The winter timetable, bringing more improvements, will be available from 8 August.

The idea behind Lifti is to make everyday life easier for local residents and enable smoother journeys between residential districts, workplace concentrations and other key destinations. With Lifti, the level of the public transport service in the Vaasa region will improve considerably, travel times will be shortened and service frequencies will increase, especially during peak hours.

– In the future, for example, a bus will leave the bus stops at the central hospital about every 5 minutes during peak hours, while today the waiting time is 25 minutes, says public transport expert Anastassia Backlund.

Winter timetables and more frequent services come into effect on 8 August

Lifti’s slimmed down summer timetables are valid until 7 August. More comprehensive winter timetables will come into effect from 8 August.

– Now everyone can get to know the new lines during the summer. Based on the feedback received from residents, the winter timetables now come into effect a week before primary and secondary pupils start school, so parents and children have time to familiarise themselves with the routes in advance, Backlund advises.

From circular lines to commuter lines

The most visible change in Lifti is the transition from current long circular lines to direct commuter lines, where buses go back and forth on the same route.

Since the beginning of July, public transport in the Vaasa region consists of eight regular commuter lines, one commuter service from the Västervik and Gerby districts to Runsor, and two school services.

–The new lines almost always pass through the city centre, which significantly increases the number of direct and fast connections crossing the centre, says Backlund.

Sundom and Vähäkyrö services on lines 30 and 60

Sundom and Vähäkyrö can be reached on regional lines 30 and 60, acquired in cooperation between the City of Vaasa and the ELY Centre for South Ostrobothnia. These lines already started operating at the beginning of June.

– Line 30 runs from Vaasa–Vähäkyrö–Vöyri. Line 60 runs from Vaasa–Sundom–Maalahti, says Backlund.

All of Lifti’s timetables and lines can be found at

Most current drivers will continue

Vekka Group Oy is responsible for operating Lifti. Wiik & Ström is responsible for the Vaasa-Vähäkyrö-Vöyri line.

Most of the current drivers will be transferred to the Vekka Group service, and additional labour has also been hired. The improving level of service and increased service frequencies require significantly more drivers than before.