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Mobility for all – opportunity to explore various mobility aids on Accessibility Day

Published: 3.5.2024

Accessibility Day will be celebrated on Thursday, May 16, 2024, from 13:00 to16:00 at the Rewell Shopping Centre. This year’s theme is adaptive sports, and the event offers a unique opportunity to explore and try out various aids and devices for exercise and outdoor activities. There will also be plenty of information available on accessibility and promoting it.

Accessibility Day once again brings together various operators to the Rewell Shopping Centre to provide comprehensive information on accessibility and inclusivity on Thursday, May 16, 2024. This year’s theme for Accessibility Day is adaptive sports.

– Nature and enjoying physical activities are for everyone, regardless of age or ability. Some people need support to be equal citizens, and different aids and devices are a way to support them. Aids and devices make it possible to participate in all kinds of activities involving movement in different conditions and with the help of equipment, even in nature. Solutions can be found in different kinds of assistive devices, explains accessibility coordinator Elisabeth Hästbacka.

This year’s event is part of a larger goal to assess the need for adaptive exercise aids and create a lending system. The event offers a unique opportunity to explore and try out also more rare assistive devices and to let the Vaasa City Sports Services know what kinds of assistive devices are needed.

Explore various mobility aids

The event includes the Malike activity trailer from the Kehitysvammaisten Tukiliitto association which offers the opportunity to try out various activity aids during the event. In the summer, the trailer includes off-road mobility equipment such as all-terrain wheelchairs. The goal of the Malike activity is to increase opportunities for participation for severely disabled children and adults who need equipment and assistance to participate and move around.

Other participating associations and organisations will also present their activities related to exercise throughout the event. Additionally, Salama Bike, a bicycle shop, will be showcasing their electric tricycles available for rent.

Fishing with assistive devices

Accessibility Day will also feature Jere Huovinen, who uses a wheelchair, and his father Teemu Huovinen, who enjoy fongaus – a fisher’s equivalent for birdwatching. The father and son will share their experiences with adaptive sports aids.

The Huovinens have also developed various off-road sports equipment, and their hobby can be followed on Instagram under the username @fishingboywithwheelchair.


  • 13:00 Opening speech (in Finnish) by Seppo Korpi, Vice-Chairman of the Disability Council, Tuula Jäntti, Executive Director of Pohjanmaan Yhdistykset ry, and Elisabeth Hästbacka, Accessibility Coordinator.
  • 13:15–13:45 ”Nature is for Everyone, But Not Everyone Knows It Yet.” (in Finnish) – anglers Jere and Teemu Huovinen
  • Introduction and testing of assistive devices
  • 14:30–15:00 ”Nature is for Everyone, Not Everyone Knows It Yet.” (in Finnish)– anglers Jere and Teemu Huovinen
  • Introduction and testing of assistive devices

Everyone interested in accessibility is warmly welcome to attend Accessibility Day. The event is open to all and free of charge. Accessibility concerns us all!

Accessibility Day is organised by the Vaasa Disability Council in collaboration with Pohjanmaan Yhdistykset ry, Vaasa City Sports Services, and the developmental disabilities support association Kehitysvammaisten tukiliike’s Malike activity.