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Night of the Arts 2022 for associations

Published: 2.5.2022

The Night of the Arts is held with a carnival atmosphere on Thursday night, 11th of August, 2022 in Vaasa. We are hoping that associations and organizations will also take part in the event with their own local program.

The Night of the Arts has been organised in Vaasa since 1991. The event has grown into a great event connecting citizens through culture, music and other performances. The Night of the Arts attracts approximately 30 000 participants. The programme for the Night of the Arts is created together with the local people and businesses.

This year’s theme for the Night of the Arts is carnival. Traditionally carnivals celebrate local diversity, a variety of cultures and art forms and community spirit. The carnival theme aptly highlights how the urban space turns into a kind of public performance where different art forms, cultural, organizational and social operators as well as the locals themselves take a stand.

Also this year, as before, the event promises us joy, encounters, music, dance, processions, lights, imaginative twists, great costumes and delicious food!

We want to invite your association to come and celebrate the local diversity and the joy of being together!

The program of the Night of the Arts is put together from local initiatives. Every major or minor art project and act is warmly welcomed to the Night of the Arts.

The entry for the Nights of the Arts 2022 is already ongoing! Registration forms can be found at:

Your association can participate in the Night of the Arts by presenting your activities in a market tent or with a stand at the Vaasa market square or in another place you deem appropriate for you.

Since the event is focused around arts and culture, we hope that your stand has also something cultural to offer.

Exactly what kind of cultural, artistic and communal activities does your association offer in Vaasa? We warmly welcome artistic and cultural programme to the evening’s schedule. You can also present your organization’s activities. It is important to highlight the wide range of opportunities of things to do, see and experience locally. These things have a major impact on both the well-being of the people and the attractiveness of our region. Let’s raise the importance of social participation together!

Practical instructions

Please register as a participant using the webform at

After your participation has been approved, on the actual day of the event on the 11th of August you can come arrange your tent at the market place starting at 8:00 in the morning. We are aiming to have all of the tents ready and set up by at 16 o’clock, when the event starts to take place all around the city. The tents should be taken down no later than midnight at 24:00. The recommended size of the tent to be brought to the market is about 6×12 m, but it can be smaller. You can contact about the need for electricity and other practical matters.

Welcome to be a part of the Night of the Arts 2022!

For more information please contact:

Pia Kokko
Cultural Planner
Tel. 040 167 8926