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Photo: Jonna Karekivi

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Residents proposed a new name: ”Funkkis” reflects both the building and functionality

Published: 9.4.2024

During February, residents of Vaasa submitted numerous suggestions for a new name for the former Opistotalo building. The working group selected the name ”Funkkis,” which reflects the building and evokes associations of functionality.

The city reached out to the residents through its social media channels, among others, asking them to find a new name for the building. The residents ended up sending over three hundred proposals, which pleasantly surprised, Jenni Niemi, Cultural Manager.

– Vaasa residents participated enthusiastically in the ideation process. This indicates that the building is significant for the residents, and that they are interested in the activities that will happen there, says Niemi.

The most public votes, works well in different languages

The white building adjacent to the Maasilta bridge will now be known as Funkkis.

Niemi explains that the aim was to choose a name that works well in different languages. Additionally, ”Funkkis” or its variations received the most public votes by far. The name reflects the building and its architectural style, while also evoking associations of functionality. Although there were many suggestions related to culture and art, the working group opted not to limit other activities outside the building.

The working group responsible for selecting the name included representatives from Vaasa City’s cultural and library services, owner control, communications, and rental operations managed by Vaasa Facilita.

At the same time, a draw was conducted where winners will receive admission tickets to Vaasa museums. The winners will be contacted individually.

The functionalist-style building was designed by architect Erkki Huttunen and completed in 1939. Since last autumn, the premises have been home to about twenty professionals from various fields of visual arts, music, theater, film, and dance. Other operators, such as associations, can also rent available spaces.