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Schools start in Vaasa on 15 August

Published: 10.8.2022

Vaasa primary schools start on Monday, 15 August, 2022. Basic education is arranged for all pupils as face-to-face classroom learning in accordance with the school timetable.

A total of 650 first-graders will start their education this autumn.

The academic year of Vaasa primary schools begins on Monday, 15 August 2022 and ends on Saturday, 3 June 2023. The school day for first grade pupils starts at 09:00. Other pupils start the day according to the announcements of their own schools.

See the school hours for the academic year 2022–2023

Basic education is arranged in accordance with legislation on normal operating conditions

Basic education in academic year 2022–2023 will be arranged in accordance with legislation on normal operating conditions. The temporary legal changes enacted due to the coronavirus situation are no longer valid. However, taking care of health and safety in relation to face-to-face classroom learning is still important.

The hygiene measures that have proven successful during the coronavirus period will still be continued in the basic education of the City of Vaasa.

Arranging education according to legislation on normal operating conditions means, for example, that from the beginning of August, basic education will be organised as face-to-face classroom learning, and it will no longer be possible for groups of pupils to switch to distance learning. If a pupil cannot participate in face-to-face classroom learning for reasons related to their own health or a family member belonging to a risk group, it may be decided to arrange the individual student’s education using special education arrangements in accordance with section 18 of the Basic Education Act, e.g. distance learning.

Read the information given by the Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI) on the subject (in Finnish)

Be careful in traffic

Starting school is something exciting and new for many. Still, it is important to be careful, especially in traffic. Useful advice for commutes to school can be found on the Liikenneturva website (in Finnish)