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Stunning views from the observation tower in Gerbynmäki

Published: 29.6.2023

The observation tower of Gerbynmäki, better known as Rapatunturi, was completed in late 2022 and offers stunning views all the way to the Raippaluoto bridge and the Vähäkyrö wind farm.

The observation tower is 3.5 metres high, and its viewing platform is 43 metres above sea level. When the skies are clear, the tower offers a view of the archipelago and inland for tens of kilometres.

– For example, the Raippaluoto bridge and Vähäkyrö wind farm are easy to see from here. The plan is to put up signs in the area to give more details about the surrounding landscape,” says a green area horticulturist Leila Roininen.

The top of the hill is easily accessible through a fitness staircase built three years ago. The stairs have a total of 133 steps and are 60 metres long.

There are plenty of other activities around Gerbynmäki. You can visit the dog park or try a great variety of mountain biking trails, and in winter, the sledding hill of the area tends to be very popular.

According to Roininen, the area will continue to develop also in the coming years.

– The next step will be to build an OCR track, which is a kind of obstacle course. The aim is to have the main part of the track completed this year, although some finishing touches may be left until next year.

Is this the best view you can get in Vaasa? Photo: Kimmo Makkonen