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Summer camp registrations for children and young people begins!

Published: 27.3.2023

March-April is once again the time to register children and young people for summer camps organised by the city. The camps are arranged by TaiKon, which provides basic art education, Sport Services and Youth Services.

Registration for TaiKon’s Art-in-Kasarmi camps begins on Monday, 20 March. See all camps and register here (in Finnish)

Sport camps for grades 1-6

Sport Services arranges sport camps in June for children in grades 1-6. Camps are arranged in the centre of Vaasa as well as in different residential neighbourhoods. In addition, this summer there are experience camps at Öjberget and an art and sports camp for children in grades 1-4, which is jointly organised by TaiKon and Sport Services.

Registration for sport camps and art and sports camps can be found on the City of Vaasa’s online store at the beginning of April.

In Vähäkyrö there is theatre, circus, visual arts and sport

A theatre-circus camp for 7-15-year-olds and a visual arts camp for 7-12-year-olds will be arranged in June in the Vähäkyrö region in cooperation with TaiKon and Youth Services. Registration starts at the beginning of April.

In addition, Sport Services will arrange a camp in Vähäkyrö for children in grades 1-6 together with the 4H association. Registration starts at the beginning of April.

Youth services

In addition to TaiKon’s cooperation camps, the Youth Services of the City of Vaasa also arranges other camps. More information about these camps will be available on the City of Vaasa online store during March.