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Evelina Klemola, nurse at the Senior Health Clinic.

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The new Senior Health Clinic of the Wellbeing Services County of Ostrobothnia has commenced its operations

Published: 18.3.2024

Updated: 19.3.2024

The Senior Health Clinic is a preventive service aimed at supporting the health of senior citizens. It caters to everyone aged over 65 and not within the scope of other regular services provided by the welfare region or home care. As part of the Senior Health Clinic services, group meetings will be initiated this spring to provide health-supporting information.

The new Senior Health Clinic of the Wellbeing Services County of Ostrobothnia commenced its operations in Vaasa at the beginning of the year. Preventive work targeting senior citizens was in operation before this, too, but the new operational model standardises the service within the Wellbeing Services County of Ostrobothnia. In Vaasa, the Senior Health Clinic has premises in the Age Center (Ikäkeskus) on the Tammikaivontie, and in Vähäkyrö you can find it at the health center.

The Senior Health Clinic helps identify health-related risk factors at an early stage. Thus, it may help preventing various diseases. However, if a client needs assistance with health-related matters or needs to see a doctor, they should contact the health center instead.

Group meetings as part of the Senior Health Clinic

Group meetings will be initiated during spring 2024 as part of the Senior Health Clinic, providing health-supporting information collectively. Group meetings are targeted at different age groups: those in their 70s and 80s. Different age groups will receive tailored information.

– We have noticed that many clients receive a lot of the same information. Through group meetings, we can provide the same information to a larger group at once, says Evelina Klemola, nurse at the Senior Health Clinic.

For some, a group meeting is sufficient, and they receive all the necessary information there.

– If assistance is still needed after the group meeting, it is, of course, possible to schedule a personal well-being and health check-up appointment.

Significance of lifestyle on health

The Senior Health Clinic offers lifestyle guidance. Klemola finds this of key importance, and wants to highlight the impact of lifestyle on health.

– Lifestyle choices can prevent diseases. I recommend seniors and everyone else to consider their daily routines. Is there something that could be improved?

The FINGER model can be utilized in maintaining health. The model consists of five areas: nutrition, physical activity, brain training, social interaction, cardiovascular health management, and risk analysis.

– The model prevents dementia but also improves health on a general level, Klemola explains.

A good daily life consists of well-being in many areas

Here are some tips to maintain a good daily life and improve your well-being:

  • Eat regularly and diversely. Remember to include vegetables and ensure you get enough protein from your diet – it is essential for your muscles.
  • Do stretching exercises in the mornings and, for instance, while waiting for the bus or an appointment.
  • Spend time outdoors and be active! Any kind of movement is beneficial.
  • Meet friends or call them weekly.
  • Start a new hobby or learn a new skill. Participate, for example, in group activities or courses at the adult education center.
  • As one ages, the body tolerates alcohol more poorly. Moderate use limits for seniors are different from those of working-age people.

For more information on senior well-being and health, please visit:

Contact details of the Senior Health Clinic

  • Vaasa
    • Telephone hours Monday-Thursday 8:30–9:30
    • Tel. 040 099 2438
  • Vähäkyrö
    • mondays 12:00–13:00
      Tel. 040 523 6323