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Four sheep in a meadow.

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The summer sheep have returned to tend the meadows

Published: 15.6.2023

This summer, some familiar landscapers can be seen grazing on the artificial island of Hietalahti behind the swimming pool, at Omenapuupuisto in Gerby, in Vähäkyrö’s Kirkkosaari, and in the meadow between Läntinen Pitkäkatu and Torikatu, opposite the ruins of Old Vaasa.

This year, the green teams got an even bigger herd of summer helpers to assist with landscape maintenance. For the first time, 21 sheep started grazing also in Hietalahti and Vähäkyrö, in addition to the familiar meadows.

– The sheep are well looked after. They are visited daily, and the sheep’s owner comes by every week to check that they are doing well. All areas are also under camera surveillance, says green area horticulturist Leila Roininen.

Diligent summer workers are good for nature

Sheep are efficient, gentle, and environmentally friendly keepers of the landscape, perfect for looking after cultural environments of national importance.

– Sheep graze until around mid-September, depending on the amount of food, says Roininen.

Take it easy around the enclosure

Anyone moving near enclosures must ensure that the sheep are allowed to do their work in peace. You can go and see them, but do not enter the enclosure, and do not feed them. This way we can ensure that the sheep are happy and healthy.

Please also note that you are not allowed to drive to the Omenapuupuisto in Gerby and must instead leave your car at the end of the Kuusilahdentie.

Kirkkosaari in Vähäkyrö and Omenapuupuisto in Gerby are both part of the City of Vaasa’s municipal Helmi Habitats programme. The main objective of the Ministry of the Environment’s Helmi Habitats programme is to strengthen Finland’s biodiversity and improve the condition of living environments.