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Vote in the presidential election! In Vaasa, you can cast your vote at 12 advance polling stations

Published: 3.1.2024

The presidential election will take place on Sunday 28 January 2024. You can also vote in advance from 17 to 23 January. The possible second round of elections will take place on Sunday 11 February and advance voting from 31 January to 6 February.

The presidential election will elect the President of the Republic of Finland for a six-year term of office. The President is elected by direct election, and if necessary, by a two-stage process.

In the presidential election in Finland, every Finnish citizen who has reached the age of 18 by the election day is entitled to vote, irrespective of their place of residence. Voters may vote either in advance or on election day, according to their choice.

Advance voting

Persons entitled to vote in advance may vote at any public advance polling station in Finland or abroad. The advance voting period is from 17 to 23 January. And in the event of a second round of voting, from 31 January to 6 February.

In Vaasa, you can vote in advance at 12 polling stations. There are several familiar locations around Vaasa, and the mobile polling station stops at four supermarkets.

See the advance voting locations at

Voting on Election Day

On the day of election, voters may cast their votes at the polling station in the voting register, named on the card sent to them before the elections.

The polling stations in Vaasa on election day are listed at

Home voting

Home voting must be ordered at the latest on 16 January 2024 by 16.00 via or by calling 040 480 4037. When ordering a home voting service for the presidential election, you can also arrange a home voting service for the possible second round of voting.

Institutional voting

Voting is also available for people living permanently in institutions. The institutions will be informed separately about the organisation of advance voting in their facilities.

Learn more about the elections online

Information on voting, the right to vote, the publication of the results, and the candidates can be found at

If you have any questions about voting rights and the voter notification card, you can also contact the Digital and Population Data Services Agency by calling 029 553 6370.