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Young Vaasa athletes start their summer training with a motivational scholarship

Published: 3.6.2019

In March, the City of Vaasa granted scholarships to 22 talented athletes, which will be used to support training and competitions during the summer. The first six athletes will start their two-week-long supported training period at the beginning of June.

The purpose of the supported training and competition period is to encourage promising athletes to the top of their particular sport. Among the different sport disciplines covered are athletics, swimming and orienteering. Many of those awarded the scholarship are aiming towards competing in the Olympic Games.

– Vaasa wants to set an example by encouraging young athletes: nothing similar has been done elsewhere in Finland, says employment manager Helena Nurmikoski from Vaasa City.

The City of Vaasa has prepared an operating model to support summer training in cooperation with the Vaasa Regional Sports Academy.

Trainings can be followed on social media

The scholarships were awarded on the basis of proposals sent by the coaches, which showed the athletes’ levels and goals in their sporting careers. The Vaasa Regional Sports Academy approved the youngsters’ applications for the summer scholarship programme and suggested that they be included in the programme.

– As a justification for receiving the scholarship, the youngsters had to tell about their sport, their training and their future plans. The scholarship also required that the athletes had to be 14-24 years old and enrolled in Vaasa, says Mikaela Ingberg, Executive Director of the Vaasa Regional Sports Academy.

During the summer, the youngsters will present their personal trainings on social media. Trainings can be followed using the hashtags #VsuaVriaSummer, #Vaasa and #Vasa. In addition, the athletes will keep a training diary, which is checked by the coach.