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Youth services on the move at the end of the schoolyear in Vaasa

Published: 24.5.2024

The start of the summer holidays and the end of the school year will be celebrated on June 1, 2024. The entire staff of Vaasa City’s Youth Services will be out in the evening and night, engaging with young people to ensure everyone has a safe evening.

Young people traditionally gather in Vaasa at Hovioikeudenpuisto and Hietasaari to celebrate the start of the summer holidays. This year, as on previous occasions, adults from Vaasa City’s Youth Services will be among the celebrating youth to offer support and assistance.

– Our goal is to be present, visible, and ensure a safe evening for everyone. We focus on preventative youth work and are available for anyone to come and talk to us with very low thresholds, says Kirsi Päivinen, head of targeted youth work.

Youth workers will be present not only in Vaasa city centre but also in the Vähäkyrö area.

You know a youth worker from their jacket

Approximately 30 Youth Services employees will be out on the evening of the school year’s end. They can be identified by their blue jackets or vests with Nuorisotyö or Nuorisoohjaaja (Youth Services or Youth Worker) printed on the back.

– As usual on this evening, our entire staff, including the Youth Services Director, will be present. We will be engaging with young people in the Vaasa city centre from 16:00 to 2:00, and in the Vähäkyrö area from 16:00 to midnight, Päivinen explains.

Mobile youth work vehicle Nuoli on the move

The mobile youth work vehicle Nuoli will also be active in various areas of Vaasa on the first of June until around 21:00.

After 21:00, Nuoli will be stationed at Hietasaari, serving as a landmark where young people can find a safe adult. The contact number for the Nuoli vehicle is 040 168 3924.

Employees from Vaasa’s Finnish Parish will also be out with the Youth Services staff, working closely with the anchor team. The anchor team is a multidisciplinary group comprising experts from the police, social services, health services, and youth services. In Vähäkyrö, the youth workers are joined by the parents’ association Vaeltavat Vanhemmat (Wandering Parents).

Open Day at Rokkikoulu

On Saturday, June 1, 2024, there will be special activities at the Youth Services’ Rokkikoulu in Klemettilä. Rokkikoulu will have an open day, and visitors can explore the facilities as well as try out different instruments.

– We also recommend following the Youth Services’ social media channels, especially the @youngvaasa Instagram account. There you can find, for example, the location of the Nuoli vehicle and other useful information, suggests Päivinen.