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Travel to the Vaasa region in responsible way

Sustainable tourism is tourism operation that takes into account the economic, socio-cultural and environmental impacts, taking into account the needs of tourists, tourist destinations, the environment and the local population now and in the future. In practice, sustainable tourism and responsibility can be seen in a tourism company, for example in the recycling of a tourism company’s waste, serving locally produced food and in the employment of locals.

Working for and towards sustainable tourism is our common cause

At Visit Vaasa, we do our best to achieve the goal of sustainable tourism and strive to ensure the preservation of our unique environment and cultural heritage for future generations. Taking care of them is is our common cause.

Responsible tourism starts with small acts – with small steps and providing and sharing information we aim to play our part in more sustainable tourism. That’s why we’ve put together tips and advice for responsible and eco-friendly travelers on this page. Pick up the tips and travel responsibly to the Vaasa region!

How can you participate and support sustainable tourism in the Vaasa region?

We have listed tourism companies in the Vaasa region below that have completed Visit Finland’s STF program and / or have been granted an environmental certificate supporting sustainable tourism.

Arrive and move sustainably



  • Mini-Lifti shared cars

    Mini-Lifti is a car sharing concept for all Vaasa residents. On weekdays, the cars are used by city employees, but in the evenings and weekends anyone can rent them freely.

  • Two countries, two cities and the beautiful Kvarken Archipelago in between. Wasaline carries hundreds of passengers between Umeå and Vaasa every day with its ferry offering a variety of restaurants and events.

    Wasaline’s ship Aurora Botnia is designed and built for the route Vaasa–Umeå. The ferry is equipped with the latest environmental technology and runs on climate-smart renewable fuels. The cabins and public spaces are decorated using recycled materials. E.g. the table tops and counters are made from recycled plastic, and the cabin carpets contain fibres from recycled fishing nets. The age of modern, sustainable travel in the Bothnian Gulf has begun!


Choose sustainable accommodation

  • Hotel Astor Wasa

    Asemakatu 4, Vaasa

    At Hotel Astor Wasa in the centre of Vaasa you can sleep well in one of our 42 high-class furnished rooms. The environment is cosy and our service caters for the needs of the individual. The breakfast is served in the Swedish Gustavian style restaurant accompanied with birds singing and the scent of freshly baked bread.

    +358 6 326 9111

  • GreenStar Hotel Vaasa

    Myllykatu 17, Vaasa

    The environmentally friendly and carbon-neutral hotel chain GreenStar has just opened a new hotel in Vaasa, located only a short walk away from the rail and bus station and near to Vaasa market square. The hotel’s brand new and bright rooms have been furnished with Finnish wood and sustainable materials. A good night’s sleep is guaranteed by the high-quality, Nordic Ecolabel-certified beds and well-insulated windows. Complimentary organic tea and coffee are available in the lobby. Guests can wash and dry their laundry for free at the hotel and can store and heat their own food if desired. There are electric car chargers available in the parking area.

    +358 10 423 9393


  • Original Sokos Hotel Royal Vaasa

    Hovioikeudenpuistikko 18, 65100 Vaasa

    The city centre Original Sokos Hotel Royal Vaasa is by a beautiful esplanade. Vaasa is a compact city with a big city feeling that has everything within walking distance. Our happy staff will guide you to nature walks to the woods and ocean shores or to have a nice cup of coffee at the market square or in one of the many cafes in town. Sunny and happy Vaasa offers energy in many different ways!

    +358 20 123 4619


  • Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna Vaasa

    Shopping Center Rewell 101, Vaasa

    Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna, Vaasa – the region’s coolest hotel!

    Welcome to Finland’s best Original hotel!
    Vaasa’s Vaakuna is a stylish and unique hotel right in the heart of the city. Its location by the market square close to a shopping centre offers excellent shopping opportunities. The Kvarken Archipelago World Heritage Site and nature are the true gems of Vaasa and its surroundings. We also want you to feel close to nature as our guest.

    At Vaakuna, we want to stand out from the rest, do everything with a big heart and be original. We wish you a warm welcome – with us you are number one!

    A tip for you: the themed rooms in our hotel are absolutely worth seeing and experiencing.

    +358 (0)20 780 8800, (0)20 780 8850


  • Hotel Red & Green

    Närpesvägen 16, Närpiö

    We have 30 well equipped hotel rooms. The suites include a living room, bedroom and sauna. All rooms have a hair dryer, minibar, water cooker and an ironing board/iron. All of our guests also have access to the common sauna, ask the reception about the hours. If you arrive by car, parking is free next to the hotel.

    +358 6 823 8400


  • It is easy to feel at home and enjoy the relaxed city life in this hotel located close to the Vaasa pedestrian centre. The new, beautifully decorated rooms in the hotel extension and the new event facilities provide versatile solutions for all needs.

    +358 300 308460


  • Hotel Vallonia

    Keskustie 3, Mustasaari

    Cosy and nice business, conference and family hotel in Mustasaari, a stone’s throw from the centre of Vaasa. The hotel rooms are large and some have a sauna of their own and mini kitchen. There are many conference rooms with modern equipment. The restaurant serves homely fare and á la carte dishes.

    +358 6 328 8200


Visit sustainable tourist destinations

  • Meteoria Söderfjärden

    Marenintie 294, Vaasa

    Söderfjärdenin Meteoriihi

    Meteoria Söderfjärden is a unique visiting centre in the middle of the most beautiful meteorite crater in Finland

    • An advanced exhibition telling  a long story of at least 520 million years of Söderfjärden
      – from an impact crater to the agricultural and Natura 2000 area of today
    • A well-equipped astronomical observatory with a telescope for studies of celestial bodies millions of light years out into the universe
    • A bird-watching tower in the middle of the most important resting area for cranes in Finland
    • A cafeteria in an old treshing barn
    • A model of our solar system, a model of the crater an a timeline of earths history: TellusTimeLine
    • An energy cellar – own production of renewable energy: solar and wind
    • An exhibition with unique meteorites and an exhibition with old farming machinery

    The exhibition is open for individuals and small groups during the opening hours. An exhibition tour on other hours than the usual opening hours, can easily be arranged for bigger groups simply by booking online.

    A certified crater guide is always present on normal opening hours and other hours, if booked in advance.

    The bird watching tower and the exhibition outside the building is available free of charge, every hour per day and every day per year.

    +358 50 556 5199


  • Corneila

    Vasavägen 10, Närpes

    Welcome to Cornelia! Cornelia is a lifestyle shop and café situated in Närpes on the westcoast.

    +358 45 855 5433


  • Klemets Houses

    Kärklaxvägen 308, 66640 Maksamaa


    The idyllic courtyard milieu of the Klemets Houses is in many ways unique. No other group of houses built in a similar way has survived in the county. Here can as well be found a versatile selection of exhibitions, such as a textile exhibition, a harmonium museum, a motorcycle exhibition and everyday items associated with peasant life. The atmosphere of the early 20th century can also be sensed in the café, which has been elegantly furnished with 1940s functionalism style furniture.

    The idyllic courtyard milieu of the Klemets Houses is unique in a number of ways. No other group of houses built in a similar way has survived in the country. Here can as well be found a versatile selection of exhibitions, such as a textile exhibition, a harmonium museum, a Sunday school museum and everyday items associated with peasant life. The atmosphere of the early 20th century can also be sensed in the café, which has been elegantly furnished with 1940s functionalism style furniture.

    +358 6 345 0122


  • Kyrö restaurant and Visitor Center

    Oltermannintie 6, Isokyrö

    Visit Kyrö Distillery in an old dairy in the peculiar village of Isokyrö.
    Join a distillery tour or a tasting at Kyrö Distillery or just come for a cocktail and enjoy the atmosphere.

    • On the Distillery tour the story behind Kyrö genuinely comes to life.
    • Tasting – Besides the products you can enjoy the stories behind them.
    • Kyrö Restaurant – Seeking experiences? Come and enjoy local delicacies in Isokyrö.

    Weekly tours during the summer months, check the dates and times on the company’s web page.

    You can also visit virtually.


  • Stundars museum village

    Stundarsvägen 5, Korsholm

    Stundars is a large open-air museum in Solf village, about 15 kilometers south from Vaasa. The museum tells the stories of what life was like for the peasantry, craftsmen and lower social classes on the Swedish-speaking countryside, from Oravais in the north to Pörtom in the south, during the period of 1870-1920. The museum village have about 70 buildings including a country shop, a school, a farmstead, and crofters’ cottages.

    Come see where the Ostrobothnian forefathers slept, ate and laughed – how did they really fit in the short bunkbeds? Maybe we’ll have an old-time washing day when you visit, or maybe we’ve made coffee over the fire and you’ll get a cup? Or maybe you’d just like to stroll around the picturesque museum village in your own pace and maybe, just maybe hear the grey timber walls whispering of times gone by…?

    The Stundars Open-Air Museum area is open for recreation all year round, but during the summer season the cottages of the museum village are open every day. Outside opeing hours you are free to take a stroll in the open-air museum, but the cottages will be closed.

    Stundars’ museum village offers an opportunity to walk through historical landscapes, next to farms, village schools, and crofters’ cabins. Through Stundars it is easy to walk further to the Söderfjärden hiking trail, to explore the former wetlands in the giant meteor crater, as well as climb up the bird-watching tower. The Stundars trail is also a part of the pilgrim’s way St Olav Ostrobothnia. We welcome you to enjoy a walk through dog-friendly Stundars.

    On Thursdays during autumn, winter and spring, there are free guided tours and other activities at the museum from 12 to 3 pm, as advertised. You can find a more detailed program in our calendar, and on our Facebook-page and Instagram account. During the Museum-Thursdays, there is free entrance.


    +358 6 5709 9000


  • Tottesund estate

    Tottesund 529, Maxmo

    The traditions of Tottesund Estate go all the way back to the 17th century. Earlier it has been used as an estate for military officers, and today it is used as an office building. There’s a possibility for quided tours in July.

    +358 6 382 1111


  • World Heritage Gateway

    Replotvägen 2, Korsholm

    Welcome to the World Heritage Gateway – the visitor centre of the Kvarken Archipelago World Heritage area

    At the World Heritage Gateway, you can familiarise yourself with the World Heritage Kvarken Archipelago, which is the best place in the world to experience the land uplift after the last Ice Age! Here is our visitor centre summarised:

    • Information lobby gives you an overview of our World Heritage with texts, videos, animations and brochures year-round and free of charge.
    • Open gallery Arte Mare showcases the work of local artists year-round and free of charge.
    • Main exhibition Weichsel tells the story of our World Heritage through the senses against a small entrance fee.
    • Shop with World Heritage products and small souvenirs is open during summer season.
    • Escape Game Kvarken’s Sea Monster can pre-booked online year-round.
    • Guided tours and presentations can be pre-booked via our customer service year-round.

    The service and texts within World Heritage Gateway is available in English, Swedish and Finnish.

    If you get hungry, the Restaurant & Cafe Berny’s offers meals and coffee in the same premises year-round. You can find Berny’s website and opening hours here. Finland’s longest bridge, Replot bridge, is located just next door and is an ideal place for a refreshing walk and taking in the scenery.

    For more detailed information about opening hours, services and fees, visit our homepage.

    +358 50 3466 200


Eat at responsible restaurant

Other tips for responsible travel in Vaasa region

Arrive comfortably by train or boat


Vaasa and the Vaasa region are located with excellent transport connections. You can easily travel by train (travel time from Seinäjoki to 1 hour, from Tampere to 2.5 hours, from Helsinki and Jyväskylä to 4 hours and from Oulu to 5 hours). By traveling on public transport, you reduce your impact on the environment.

From Umeå, it is easy to sail to Vaasa on the world’s most environmentally friendly passenger ship Aurora M / S Botnia. Wasora’s Aurora Botnia has been awarded a Key Flag. Read more of  Wasaline here.

Explore Vaasa by foot

It is easy to explore and get the know Vaasa by foot.  The center of Vaasa is compact in size and short transitions in the city center are also considered by many locals to be the best aspects of Vaasa. Central Vaasa is filled with fine architectural history and the buildings have many interesting stories to tell. Experience the city on foot in the footsteps of architects from different ages or jump into the world of past cultural influences. Choose a guided walk or go out and discover Vaasa on your own.Check out the walking routes of Vaasa here.

Pyöräilijöitä varjossa

Enjoy and explore the area by bike

A bike is worth renting if you want to see the city a little outside the city center. For example, a bike trip to Strömsö is a nice day trip, and a tour of the surrounding municipalities will take you longer to see. The stunning nature and peace of the countryside are surprisingly close. Read more!


Ihmiset luontopolulla

Also consider sustainability in outdoor activities

In order for our pure nature to be preserved for the next generations it is a good idea to remember the Outdoor Etiquette and respect nature. Move on marked routes, open fire only in the places marked for them, respect fellow travelers and take your rubbish away when you leave. Check out the Outdoor Etiquette here.


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Vaasa region tourist brochures and maps

Reduce the use of paper material, read and download the brochures and maps in digital form.

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