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Locally produced in the Vaasa Region

Fresh, clean and locally produced food is good for both the health and the environment. In addition to these good qualities, you can learn a lot about the local culture by getting to know the local food culture as a visitor. The food culture tells about the region’s values, attitude, ways of working and spending their free time. Locally produced products from the Vasa region tell of food producers who are proud of their region, and who work hard and with a big heart. The proximity of the sea, the open fields and the greenhouses guarantee the distinctive character of the flavors.

Hand-picked strawberries from Vähäkyrö or fresh perch fillets from Bergö. Read our tips on how to best enjoy locally produced food from the Vaasa region and let the flavors speak for themselves.

1. Take a trip among locally produced flavors

Interest in food tourism is growing and many tourists make their itinerary depending on where there are farm shops, microbreweries and other companies that offer local products. Here you find a map of farm shops in the Vaasa region and you can easily plan the route that suits you best.

Many of the places are located along small roads that you might never otherwise drive on, so in addition to delicacies, we can promise beautiful nature and new experiences. And best of all, you get to see with your own eyes the places where the products are produced!

We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the local drinks on a brewery tour. Just two kilometers from the city center you find Bock’s Corner Brewery, which is an attraction in itself. In the archipelago outside Vaasa you will find Kvarken Brewery, which is worth visiting for the beautiful views if nothing else. The world heritage and the barren beautiful archipelago have inspired the brewery’s founders, so feel free to ask to hear the interesting stories behind the beer and their names. Kyrö Distillery Company is one of the companies that is already attracting attention with its business concept. A distillery in an old dairy in the Ostrobothnian countryside? International award-winning gin and whiskey from rye? Why not!

2. Healthy fast food

You can eat healthy even if the schedule is tight. With good ingredients, it is easy to cook, because pure flavors are good almost in themselves. If you are short of time for shopping, it pays to take a turn via the Vaasa market hall, the Fiskdisken deli shop at Kalaranta in Vaasa or Köttdisken deli shop in Malax. In these places you will quickly and easily find locally produced portions, such as meat and fish dishes, fresh salads and soups. Try one of Fiskdisken’s sandwiches or salads or Ruotsala’s fish. In summer, it pays to take a walk through Vaasa market square, where you will find healthy berries and vegetables. There is no better fast food than this.

3. The best for the picnic basket

PiknikThe food always tastes best outdoors and filling a picnic basket and going on a small excursion can make everyday life a party. For the Picnic Basket’s menu, we can recommend smoked lamb from Herrgårds rökeri, bread from Aroma, fresh strawberries from Valtari and sea buckthorn juice from Granholms. Sea buckthorn juice can be enjoyed as a shot or diluted with e.g. carbonated water. For special occasions, a sea buckthorn cocktail is a good fit. You will find suitable places for a picnic excursion both in the city and further out in nature. Here we have collected some tips on picnic places. The delicacies we suggested can be bought directly from the producers or in well-stocked grocery stores.

4. Eat locally in the restaurant

Locally produced products are also offered at the local restaurants, so if you want to try out what flavors and portions a professional chef can produce from the local ingredients, you just have to choose from the region’s rich restaurant selection.

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