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The most Instagrammable places in the Vaasa Region

Does your Instagram feed need a boost? Which would be the best selfie spots in Vaasa, the Vasa Region and the UNESCO World Heritage Site? We listed our favorite spots.

The inner harbor and the Vaasa sign

Is there anything better than the beautiful Inner harbor and the fantastic Vaasa sign! Lightning is everything here. Especially in the summer, the sunrays fall on the harbor and guarantee perfect soft lightning for stunning summer selfies.

Address: Inner harbour, Vaasa | Distance from the center of Vaasa 1 km

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Svedjehamn observation tower

You can see far into the Kvarken archipelago from the tower in Svedjehamn, which makes it possible for you to take perfect travel photos and pictures of the view. A true expert can also take advantage of the observation tower’s stunning wooden structures to capture the perfect outfit. Svedjehamn is at its best in the afternoon, we therefore recommend a photoshoot after lunch.

Address: Svedjehamn, Björköby | Distance from the center of Vaasa 40 km

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Maisema Svedjehamnin näkötornista

Vaasa beaches: Pictogram symbols

You can find fantastic small details at the beaches in Vaasa, like the symbols that are located on the beaches!  The symbols are also called pictograms. The pictograms are here for you if your picture needs something extra or you would like to stand out from the crowd. The pictograms are located at for example, Mansikkasaari (an ice cream and a heart), Kuustanlinna beach (champagne glasses and a heart) and at Strömsö (an eagle and a heart).

Mansikkasaari | Distance from the center of Vaasa 2,5 km,
Gustavsborg | Distance from the center of Vaasa 2 km,
Strömsö | Distance from the center of Vaasa 10 km

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Fabriikki’s brick walls/campus area

Fabriikki, which is located at the Palosaari campus area, offers cool brick walls and a perfect industrial steampunk atmosphere for your photos. This is the perfect spot if you would like to take pictures inspired by the different decades of history. Fabriikki also offers a wide range of lightning, as there is a brick wall both on the sunny beach side and on the slightly shadier side. The large green areas and piers at the campus make this the perfect place for photography in the summer.

Address: Yliopistonranta 10, Vaasa | Distance from the center of Vaasa 2 km

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Rajavuori observation tower


Do you want to experience nature at an altitude of 8 meters? Rajavuori’s observation tower is located in the highest area of ​​Laihia, which is 80-90 meters above sea level. Here you can enjoy the tranquility of the forest and take a selfie in the beautiful forest landscape.

Address: Rajavuorentie, Laihia | Distance from the center of Vaasa 50 km

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The Suspension bridge in Merikaarto


Experience history at the suspension bridge in Merikaarto! The bridge was built in 1929 and there are several culturally and historically important places in its proximity. This is one of the few suspension bridges in the Vaasa region, and it therefore offers you the opportunity to take a unique selfie.

Address: Merikaarrontie 733, Vähäkyrö | Distance from the center of Vaasa 22 km

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Ferry to Island of Bergö

Are you looking for a selfie spot which is so unique that it’s only available every 10 minutes? In that case, the right spot for you would be the ferry to the idyllic island of Bergö. On the ferry, you can take a selfie at sea. Its lovely yellow color gives your picture a nice touch of color. The ferry has departures from early morning to late evening, and you can therefore catch the morning light as well as the evening light in your photos.

Address: Bergövägen 3, Malax (eller Sjövägen (Molpe) 1120, Korsnäs) | Distance from the center of Vaasa 50 km

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Kyrö Distillery

The textual wall at Kyrö Distillery Company gives of a nice international feel. You can take nice outfit photos in front of it. Since the wall is white, you can wear any color of clothes without it clashing with the color of the wall. Try taking a selfie as well. Can you fit the whole text in the picture?

Address: Oltermannintie 6, Storkyro | Distance from the center of Vaasa 46 km

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The mushroom at Kvarnstugan in Vörå

The fly agaric at Kvarnstugan in Vörå awakens the imagination and definitely gives you a unique selfie! The red and white color of the fly agaric fits well with the white corners of the surrounding houses. Kvarnstugan is located in the village of Rökiö in Vörå. Rökiö dates back to the 15th century and the mill was built in 1920. Kvarnstugan can be rented for various events and in the second floor you find Hägglund’s Photography Museum.

Address: Lotlaxvägen 9, Vörå | Distance from the center of Vaasa 39 km

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The mining wheel at Korsnäs Gruvcenter

The mining wheel at Korsnäs Gruvcenter offers a different theme for a photography! Here you can take a cool selfie regardless of the season. Also, take the time to look out over the mining lake and the special surroundings that the mining area offers and maybe walk the 2 kilometre long Gruvleden – Mining trail.

Address: Gruvvägen 32, Korsnäs | Distance from the center of Vaasa about 45 km

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