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Susanna & Ilpo Karisen Salonkiyhtye 11.00-11.30
Susanna & Ilpo Karisen Salonkiyhtye is 5-person band that plays an entertaining pop music in Finnish, English, Swedish and French languages.

Chords of Life 11.30-12.00
Chords of Life trio offers 90′s music experience from indie rock to Spanish-speaking Latino music.

Los Urrutias 12.00-12.30
Bruno, David and Tito Urrutia performing music from Latin America.

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Taidetta TaiKonilla
3.8.2015 - 16:10
For many centuries now, humans have told the story of technological advancement and painted a picture of an artificial, man-made way of life, independent of nature. But this story is superficial and deceptive whereby humans themselves are disconnected from life. A system based on incessant competition and such a gross imbalance as we are faced with today cannot thrive for long let alone survive.