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Highly evolving city

The City of Vaasa is built for a hundred years to come

The environment, equality and standard of living are prime values determining the urban development of Vaasa. A multicultural and diverse population demography, the quality of local services, co-creation, the circular economy, community development and the broad promotion of culture adds great value to the whole city, both in the short and long term. As a growing and continuously developing city, Vaasa offers a lot of opportunities to investors and businesses, from intelligent energy solutions to different forms of housing.
  • We design innovative energy solutions for new buildings which praise the region’s energy and construction technology know-how.
  • The seven largest development projects in the region are worth €1 billion, of which the City of Vaasa has invested about €150 million.
  • One euro invested by the City of Vaasa is backed by an estimated seven-fold increase in external funding.
  • The estimated investments in the industrial areas and battery plant project amount to several billion euros.

Future energy efficient buildings

We are a pioneer of smart city solutions, and today many innovative projects are proof of that. Here are a couple of examples of what is currently under construction in Vaasa.


The Ravilaakso residential area represents urban development in Vaasa at its best – the design focuses on energy solutions and new ways of implementing business premises.

Attractive youthful city

Population trends in the Vaasa region are youthful, and migratory poles are high. The age groups for children and adolescents are on the rise, as new residents are mainly young adults who are setting up a family. Compared to other regions of the same size in Finland, Vaasa’s population growth is the second largest, but there is still room to breathe on our streets. Vaasa’s active urban development ensures plenty of choice in terms of residential styles of living.

In Vaasa, the architecture blends into the surrounding landscape and respects the nature.