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Get Together Network

A network for all international inhabitants, who have moved to Vaasa for work, as a spouse or for studies, and for locals! Here you find tips on things to do and other current information. Among upcoming events an excursion to the Meteoria Söderfjärden on 28.9 (fully booked!) and the opening of the Vaasa Spouse Programme on 3.10!

The aim of the Get Together Network is to through gatherings, information sessions and other activities, make the settling down of people who move to our region as smooth as possible, help them to find enjoyable free time activities and offer them a possibility to network and meet new people. Welcome to join the group!

Things to do:

Summer Get Together - 06/2022

On Midsummer week on Tuesday, we gathered for an evening at the Onkilahti Park for fun games, some dancing but above all, for meeting people.

Outdoor Summer Get Together 21.6 Vaasa – in pictures

Spring Get Together - 05/2022

The Spring Get Together on 11.5, opened by mayor Tomas Häyry, gathered people to try handicrafts, culture and dance workshops but above all, to meet new people. During the evening the Welcome Office 10-year long journey in the city was celebrated with a delicious raspberry cake!

Spring Get Together 11.5 Vaasa – in pictures

On the same day, Kokkola celebrated its first International Kokkola Day. The day included a seminar, a public lecture and guided walks in the old town Neristan. During the evening Get Together at the Welcome Office at the city library you could enjoy a fashion show and music performances.

Possibilities to do Voluntary Work in Vaasa - webinar 02/2022

On 15.2.2022 associations from different fields in Vaasa informed about the possibilities they offer to do voluntary work. The associations welcomed all interested to join their respective activities. When it comes to language requirements, it’s good to know some Finnish or Swedish, but you can get started in English.

An introduction to the theme  was presented by Virve Flinkkilä, the Director of Welfare at the City of Vaasa.

Presentations by the associations (pdf-files):

Guided walk - 01/2022

The guided walk in the city center of Vaasa which was arranged in January 2022, gathered some 45 people. The participants got to hear about the history of the city, about its inhabitants and about its buildings.

The event was highly appreciated and according to the feedback, it seemed to be the perfect way to get to know the city. Similar walks could therefore be a regularly upcoming event, eg. twice a year.

Get Together Network - kick-off and planning 12/2021

In December 2021 we started thinking about how the TCE project could be of assistance in creating a network and plan spare time activities for persons, who for different reasons have moved from abroad to the Vaasa region.

The invitation to the first meeting on Dec 2 at ALMA got a good respons. Present were a big number of interested people who gave their view on the matter and also commented the ideas by the others.

The second meeting was held just a couple of weeks later on Dec 16. A summary of ideas, including information on already existing services, was presented. The planning of activities for the Get Together Network for spring 2022 was then started on the basis of this material and in cooperation with the group.

How to Manage the Dark Season - webinar 11/2021

How can you keep up your energy levels during autumn and winter season? We wanted to find answers to this in our webinar “How to Manage the Dark Season”.

Dietitian Katarina Mäkynen spoke about the importance of nutrition and exercise. Among many interesting issues, Katarina pointed out how regular meals, the use of exercise in your daily life and a good sleep routine can help you keep up your energy levels.

Quan Hoang, originally from Vietnam, and Pablo Cisneros Chavira, from Mexico, offered their own, personal advice on the subject. Having lived in Finland some years and having encountered the autumn and winter months, they mentioned the importance of a  positive frame of mind. Keeping active with friends and spening time eg. cooking, listening to music or watching films is also very helpful. When days are at their shortest, Pablo suggested a short walk outside during your lunch break, so that you are able to make use of the natural daylight.

The discussion also touched winter clothing, cycling during the winter and the importance of using a reflective items – more useful tips here!