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Gerby skola

Gerby skola is a Swedish-speaking primary school for the teaching of grades 1-6.

The aim at Gerby skola is to raise pupils in a safe, positive and motivating learning environment so that they become healthy, responsible individuals with good self-esteem. It is important that every pupil behaves well and is able to get along with everyone.

The pupil’s schooling is based on shared responsibility, whereby the child, the home and the school staff work together, with each having a role to play. The aim is to create mutual cooperation between the home and the school through continuous communication.

It is central to the school’s operation that every pupil has good basic skills in reading, writing, mathematics and learning technique in order to have a sustainable foundation for further studies. Different skills, as well as artistic expression, are also an important part of the pupil’s knowledge base.

Traditions are cherished at the school and pupils are offered many different types of experiences in the fields of culture, outdoor activities and community involvement. At Gerby skola, all pupils are seen and respected.


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School staff e-mail

  • The school personnel’s email is always in the form
  • The pupil welfare personnel, that is, the nurses, the school social worker and the school psychologist, work under the Welfare District (rather than the City of Vaasa). Their email addresses are in the form