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Haga School (Haga skola)

Haga School is located in Vanha Vaasa, close to historical sites as well as nature. It is easy for us to vary between the different learning environments, as the library, artificial turf, forest, Alkula, sports field, shop and the ruins of Vanha Vaasa are within walking distance. We have a schoolyard that attracts activity and movement. The schoolyard is designed so that it is easily accessible even for people with disabilities.

Our school organizes basic education in years 1-6 and basic education in years 1-9 for pupils in special support and administer hospital education as well as teaching at a housing unit in Vähäkyrö. Haga School is a Swedish-speaking school.

Our goal

Our goal for all students is to develop to their full potential. We care about the student’s individual learning path. The pupil’s individual needs and opportunities are taken into account in teaching. The teachers in Haga are used to building individual entities and preparing the students for the next step, i.e., the transition to 7th grade in another school or transition to upper secondary education. Special education can be provided in large groups as companion teaching, in small groups according to the pupil’s needs or as part-time special education. Equality, security, and participation are important values and are monitored continuously.

preparatory education for pupils with an immigrant background

Haga School also organizes preparatory education for pupils with an immigrant background. The students in the preparatory group are of varying ages, come from different corners of the world and have flexible school starts. The pupils attend the preparatory education and learn the basics of the Swedish language on average over a period of one year. During the time in preparation, the student is integrated into their future teaching group, according to a personal plan.

In preparatory education, the main focus is learning Swedish and becoming familiar with the Finnish school system.

Before the child can start school, she/he/they needs to go through the immigration check-up. The immigration check-up consists of an x-ray and blood test (no visit with a nurse/doctor). In order to book an appointment for blood tests and x-ray please contact

Hospital education

The swedish hospital education is administered through Haga school. Two teachers work at Vaasa Central Hospital, teaching students who are admitted to the hospital’s various wards. Hospital teaching is also planned and implemented according to the pupil’s needs and opportunities. Hospital education has a consultation service that you can call when you have a student who has been admitted to a ward, or when you have a student who has recently been discharged and you need to consult about teaching, planning, and adaptation.


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