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Vikinga skola

Vikinga skola is a Swedish-language school for grades 1-6. The school is located in the Viikinga district, a couple of kilometres from the centre of Vaasa. Vikinga skola is mainly attended by children from the districts of Palosaari, Viikinga, Kotiranta and Vetokannas.

At Vikinga skola

  • we work for a safe school environment, where everyone has the opportunity to succeed and where we nurture tolerance and equality
  • we emphasise a sustainable lifestyle and our diverse cultural heritage
  • we guide pupils in their lifelong learning and encourage them to take responsibility for their own learning
  • we strive to promote good self-confidence and self-esteem in every pupil.

The school offers part-time special education and small group education in grades 1–3 and 4–6.

The school is goal-oriented and systematically works in matters related to the environment and sustainable development. In the school’s anti-bullying work, we operate in accordance with the national KiVa programme.

Preschool as well as morning and afternoon activities operate in the same building.


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