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Private daycare centres

In Vaasa, families can also apply for an early childhood education place at a private daycare centre.

In addition to the municipal daycare centres, there are also 12 private daycare facilities in Vaasa that have been approved as service providers by the City of Vaasa. These daycare facilities are called service-voucher daycare centres. The activities at these daycare centres are regulated and governed by the same laws, decrees and regulations that control the municipal early childhood education activities. The municipality also monitors service-voucher daycare centres.

Service providers approved by the City of Vaasa, i.e. service-voucher daycare facilities are:

Touhula Kiillekujan päiväkoti will function as a daycare facility until July 31, 2020. Service-voucher daycare centres are private daycare centres from where the municipality purchases daycare services. They are applied for using the same application form as municipal daycare centres, and the client fees are based on the same criteria as municipal daycare services.