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Edlevo App, system Reform 2024–2025 in Early Childhood Education

A system reform is underway in Vaasa City’s early childhood education aimed at simplifying the daily lives of customers and the work of staff.

Currently, several different systems and applications are in use within Vaasa’s early childhood education. When reporting care hours, communicate with daycare staff, and signing permission forms, among other things, parents need to use both Wilma and the Edlevo App.

The goal is for the system reform to be completed by the end of 2025. We will inform guardians about the implementation of new features as they become available to them.

The current situation is as follows:

Wilma is used for the following activities:

  • Communication between parents and early childhood education
  • Receiving newsletters and other notifications
  • Filling the form for the child’s background information for the ECEC plan (Vasu)
  • Filling the form for consents for the publication of the child’s photos and art works
  • Filling the form for school enrolment
  • Managing the child’s pedagogical documents (parents can read the documents by logging into Wilma via a web browser)
  • Filling and managing surveys
  • Managing accident reports

Edlevo App, in turn, is used for the following activities:

  • Managing care hours
  • Reporting care hours
  • Inspecting summaries of care hours
  • Contact details for adults who can collect the child from daycare
  • Reporting sudden absences
  • Managing contact details (phone numbers and emails)
  • Acceptance of electronic notifications (as of May 2024)
  • Electronic decisions (as of May 2024)
  • Termination of early childhood education placement


 Edlevo App

What is the Edlevo App?

Edlevo is an application developed for guardians. As a guardian, you can easily access essential services and get a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of

important matters related to you and your children. You can use Edlevo on mobile device and web browser alike.

The Edlevo App is a tool used in Vaasa’s early childhood education system, allowing parents to manage care times, report sudden absences, and terminate early childhood education placements. Parents can also find electronic decisions in the app.

Edlevo App and Edlevo App Web Version and how to download the Edlevo App?

You can use the Edlevo App in two ways:

  1. You can download the Edlevo App mobile application from the app store (Google Play / Apple App Store). The app is free.
  2. You can use the Edlevo App in a web browser; the web version works on all browsers.

Download the Edlevo App from the app store (Google Play / Apple App Store).

You can enable notifications for the app from your phone’s settings to receive notifications about new events.

Who can log in to the Edlevo App and how to log in to the Edlevo App?

The Edlevo App is available in Vaasa City’s early childhood education system.

Only the child’s legal guardians can log in to the Edlevo App after applying for early childhood education.

Log in to the Edlevo App using identification with your online banking credentials or mobile identification.

The Edlevo App mobile application will stay open for one month if you do not log out. You can log in to the Edlevo App web version via this link: Edlevo

Logging in requires strong authentication ( identification).

Please note that you will not receive alerts for new events in the web version; ensure you log out of the Edlevo App and clear your browser’s cache if using public computers for security reasons.


Updating your contact information

This function aims to ensure that your contact details are up to date.

Verifying contact information

If your contact information has not been verified, the app will prompt you to check and confirm it. Make any necessary additions or changes to your mobile phone number and email address and confirm them by pressing the Accept button.

Phone numbers may:

· include numbers, spaces, hyphens, and a plus or minus sign at the beginning;

· contain a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 15 characters;

· not contain letters.

Updating contact information

If you want to update your email address, enter the information in the email and confirm email fields.

If you want to update phone numbers, enter the new number information in either the mobile or work number fields.

Finally, press the Accept button.



Acceptance of electronic notifications and electronic decisions 

Starting from May 6, 2024, early childhood education service decisions and decisions on customer fees will be published in the Edlevo App for guardians who have accepted electronic notifications. Guardians will see separate folders for both decisions in the Edlevo App, and the decision will be available in PDF format within the folder. 

If the guardians does not wish to receive electronic decisions, they should inform the Early Childhood Education Coordination Service by email: 

How to do the electronic registering of care time schedules

Care time schedules must be informed at least a week beforehand

You must always inform the day care services of your child’s schedule at least a week beforehand.

For example, care time schedule concerning week 8 must be informed by Sunday, week 6. The system is automatically closed on Sunday at 12pm and no changes can be made after this.

After the system has closed, only the head of the day care centre or the family day care nurse can make changes in the registered schedule. Changes will only be made due to changes in the guardians’ work situations.

If the child schedule is not assigned electronically at all or for all the days of the week, the head of the day care unit in question/the family day care nurse will mark down nine hours per day as the time charged for on the days in question.

You can assign the schedule for up to six months in advance

On the app, you can to copy schedule from one week to another as well as from one sibling to another. You can assign the schedule for up to six months in advance.

All families have to enter their child schedule electronically by using the app, regardless of whether their child’s/children’s service agreement(s) is part-time or full-time and even if the schedule is not likely to be altered. As we have the overall information of all children within day care, it is easier to plan and to have sufficient staff in all groups in all localities at the right times.

How the registered child schedule and actual time in the day care centre affect the fees

If your child suddenly falls ill or is otherwise out of day care for a full day or part of a day, the child schedule hours will still be counted as used up as according to the plan.

An example of payment for assigned/actual hours in day care:

  • The child schedule registered by parents on Edlevo app: 6.30–15.30 = 9 h
    • Actual time in day care: 6.45–16.45= 10 h
    • Time charged for: 6.3016.45= 10 h 15min

If the time charged for exceeds the registered child schedule, you’re following payments will be charged according to a higher fee category.

How to follow the assigned/used care time hours

On the app, you can monitor the sum of assigned/used care time hours per month. If your child suddenly falls ill or is otherwise out of day care for a full day or part of a day, the child schedule hours will still be counted as used up as according to the plan


Issues with logging in

A child’s legal guardians can log in to the Edlevo App once the child’s early childhood education relationship has begun.

If you encounter any issues with logging in, please contact

Edlevo App instructions

You can find instructions on the guardian in Edlevo App behind the question mark.

Edlevo App video instructions

To get English text, click on this box and select the language.


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