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New features in the Edlevo App for early childhood education and care

Published: 16.5.2024

The City of Vaasa’s early childhood education and care services utilise the Edlevo App, which parents use to report their child’s care hours in advance. The app has now been updated with new features. Going forward, for example, early childhood education and care service and payment decisions can be received electronically instead of by letter.

The Edlevo App is a platform where guardians pre-register their child’s care hours. Now, the app also includes the following new features:

  • Updating contact information
  • Reporting a child’s sudden absence
  • Cancelling an early childhood education placement
  • Electronic service and payment decisions

From Letters to Electronic Decisions

As part of the reform, decisions regarding early childhood education places and customer fees will now be provided electronically. Starting from May 6, 2024, all early childhood education service and payment decisions will be automatically published in electronic format for all guardians in the Edlevo App. Guardians will receive a notification email about the decision once it is available in Edlevo.

– Previously, decisions were sent to homes by mail. This is one of the major changes our customers have been hoping for, says Early Childhood Education Project Manager Sari Ylikantola.

If a guardian prefers not to receive electronic decisions, they should inform the Early Childhood Education Coordination Service (

The Edlevo App utilises strong identificating, requiring login via authentication.

All early childhood education services in one app

Currently, the City of Vaasa’s early childhood education and care services utilise several different systems and applications.

Communication between early childhood education and care and guardians is done through Wilma, while guardians report care hours through the Edlevo service. Staff also use the Effica system, which handles client and decision data, invoicing, and other tasks.

An ongoing system overhaul in early childhood education aims to simplify customers’ daily lives and streamline staff work.

The reform will transition to using a single service, Edlevo. In the future, guardians will have access to only one system to communicate with daycare centres and report their child’s care hours.

The goal is for the system overhaul to be completed by the end of 2025. The project is also strongly supported by Tietoevry, whose product is Edlevo.