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Common Goldeneye

Bucephala clangula

Common goldeneye. Photo Jan Nyman.

General information. The common goldeneye is a common and plentiful species of waterfowl in Finland. It is flexible when it comes to habitat requirements and thus is widely distributed. The common goldeneye can be found dwelling near all kinds of water bodies, as broad as northernmost Lapland.

  • Length 45-50 cm
  • Nests in abandoned black woodpecker holes and nest boxes
  • Winters mainly in the southern Baltic Sea
  • Feeds on aquatic animals

Habitat. The common goldeneye settles for forest lakes, sea bays, forested islands and the edge of ditches as suitable locations for breeding habitats. A proper tree cavity or nesting box is required for nesting. Its nest can often be found in nesting boxes originally intended for the Tengmalm owl, in forest areas where the closest open water is roughly a hundred meters away.

Distribution in Vaasa. The common goldeneye can be found nesting in Vaasa on waterfronts, in the inner archipelago and small water bodies located further inland. It nests naturally in abandoned black woodpecker nesting holes as well as in nesting boxes erected near the waterfront. Because of this, the common goldeneye is absent from the barren islets of the outer archipelago. The common goldeneye is a regular sight in the waters around Vaasa, being observed during nesting season in approximately 200 survey blocks.