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Ruddy turnstone

Arenaria interpres

Ruddy turnstone scanning the surroundings. Photo Jan Nyman.

General information. The ruddy turnstone is a small wading bird that has greatly been reduced in numbers in Finland. It can be observed around midsummer on skerries in the outer archipelago, where it nests in close proximity to tern- and gull colonies. The turnstone fearlessly greets visitors and attempts to lead them away from the young by faking injury. In the latest review of threat classification the ruddy turnstone is classified as an endangered species.

  • Length about 25 cm
  • Nests on ground
  • Winters in Western Europe and West Africa
  • Feeds on molluscs, seeds, waste food

Habitat. The ruddy turnstone primarily nests in the outer archipelago in treeless islets inhabited by gulls. Observations inland are extremely rare and are almost always of migrating individuals.

Distribution in Vaasa. The nesting population of ruddy turnstone in the Kvarken region has decreased somewhat. In Vaasa, during 2005-2008 it was observed in about 15 survey blocks in the outer archipelago.