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Invoices for previous year’s plot holders will be sent in the middle of the February. By paying the invoice by the due date, you are deserved to cultivate the plot again this year.

The City of Vaasa leases through the online booking service Timmi-software vacant plots of land for cultivation annually 1.2. – 31.8. Plots can also be leased by contacting the Tekninen virasto at Kirkkopuistikko 26.

The City of Vaasa’s allotment areas can be used for growing crops and ornamental plants for non-commercial use during the growing season (1.5.-30.9).

The allotments are located in the following areas:

  • Korkeamäki (Hirventie 11)
  • Kotiranta (Ainonkatu 27)
  • Suvilahti (Suvilahdentie)
  • Vanha Vaasa (Läntinen Pitkäkatu 201)

The rental agreement requires identity verification. Please, read the rules and other terms of the allotment cultivation below before renting the plot and starting cultivation.

Please contact when:

  • the invoice has not arrived
  • your address has changed
  • you want to end renting the allotment
  • you want information about free allotment plots.

Tilling of the plot can be ordered before 5.5.2023 from the city, tel 040 353 1848 (8.00-15.00). The invoice of tilling the plot is 60 euros (incl. VAT 24%).

Mixed waste from the plot areas can be collected in May in the vicinity of the plant waste site. The waste will be picked up in early June.

Allotment maps

Korkeamäki allotment map (pdf)

Kotiranta allotment map (pdf)

Suvilahti allotment map (pdf)

Vanha Vaasa allotment map (pdf)

Rental prices for plots from 1.1.2023

The rental price for an allotment plot is 28,50 € / growing season.

(Before 27,50 €/growing season)

Rules and rental terms for allotment cultivation

We oversee that the rules are followed and reserve the right to end your cultivation contract.

  • Cultivation contracts are concluded annually.
  • To rent an allotment requires you to log into the service by using your personal bank identification codes

The rules of the allotment cultivation can be found at the link below.

Rules of the allotment cultivation 2023 (pdf)

Browsing, renting and paying the allotment in the Timmi-software

Through the online reservation service, Timmi-software, you can browse for vacant allotments as well as rent and pay for allotments online. To rent an allotment requires you to log into the service by using your personal bank identification codes.

You can access the booking service at

Vacant allotments can be viewed without logging in, simply by clicking on the Selaile kirjautumatta (browse without logging in) button. You can search for allotments by area.

The advantage of using electronic services is that you can take care of allotment matters at your convenience, at any time of the day.

To rent or to process information about your existing reservation, you must first log in to the Timmi-software by using your personal bank identification codes.

Allotment fees and invoicing

Anyone who has paid for a previous season’s allotment will automatically be sent a new invoice during February. By paying the invoice by the due date, the tenant will secure the allotment for the upcoming rental period. At the same time, the tenant undertakes to abide by the applicable leasing terms of the allotments. Unpaid allotments are available for rental.

Invoices that are sent with incorrect address information often do not reach the holder of the allotment, which assumes that the plot is no longer wanted. That is why it is very important to report any change of address either by calling +358 (0)40 632 9838  or by sending an email to

Privacy policy at City of Vaasa

The application of the European Union Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The application of the European Union Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) began on 25 May 2018. This will not require any action on the part of anyone registered, i.e. residents or customers of the City of Vaasa.

The most significant changes will be the more secure processing of the registered data and the improved rights of the data subjects.

The EU privacy setting can be found via this link.

Privacy Statement For City of Vaasa allotments (pdf).

Allotments on the map


Allotment plot renting and invoicing

Opening hours Monday-Friday 9am-12pm

Maintenance requests - contact by phone or e-mail

  • Phone: +358 (0)40 3531848 (8am-4pm)
  • E-mail: