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Problems with accommodation

Having a safe home of your own is an important foundation for wellbeing. Sometimes, however, there are various problems associated with accommodation that can, at worst, jeopardise this. It is important to start to clear up any problems as early as possible. Even challenging issues can usually be resolved.

Reasons for losing your home

The reasons leading to the rescission of a rental contract include:

  • rent arrears
  • handing over the apartment to someone other than as permitted by law
  • causing a disturbance due to antisocial behaviour
  • poor care of the apartment

The rescission of a rental contract is preceded by a written warning. Termination of a rental contract and rescission of the contract are based on the Act on Residential Leases (Section 61).


Changing apartments

Finding an affordable rental home can be difficult and so it is a good idea to consider whether you could continue living at your current address.

Think about why you are not happy with your current apartment. Are you considering moving because you think the location of the apartment is bad, the apartment doesn’t look nice, or because there is a problem with the neighbourhood?

Think about the conditions under which living could continue at your current address. What are the advantages of where you live now? Perhaps a slightly remote location can be compensated for by having an otherwise comfortable home and environment.

Late payment of rent

I can’t pay my next rent on the due date, what do I do?

  • Pay as much as you can on the due date. Even the smallest amount paid will tell the property owner that you are taking care of the situation.
  • Contact the property owner well in advance of the due date: report your payment difficulties and negotiate a new due date or payment plan.
  • Sometimes it is possible that you pay the rent for the following months normally and make a payment plan for the arrears for a period of four months. For example, you could pay off the arrears in instalments over the normal monthly rent.
  • Contacting the property owner is vital and will ensure the continuation of your tenancy.

What follows from rent arrears? Unpaid rent

  • incurs additional costs (payment reminder fees, interest on arrears, legal costs)
  • may result in a court summons and a rental arrears case in court
  • may cause eviction
  • results in a payment default entry on your credit record

Payment default entry

A payment default entry can be a barrier to getting an apartment, especially if you have an entry for rent arrears. You can check your own credit information on the Suomen Asiakastieto Oy website:


Financial and debt counselling

Financial and debt counselling assistance is available from the non-profit social organisation, Takuusäätiö, as well as from the Financial and Debt Counselling Office of the Central Ostrobothnia and Ostrobothnia Legal Aid Offices, Keski-Pohjanmaan ja Pohjanmaan oikeusaputoimiston talous- ja velkaneuvonta.



Takuusäätiö is a national non-profit organisation. We support people’s independent survival in everyday finances and debt management. Our services are free of charge. You can contact the Takuusäätiö Debt helpline and the Kysy rahasta (Ask about finance) chatline when you have financial worries and want to discuss your own or a loved one’s financial and debt situation.


Debt helpline 0800 9 8009


Keski-Pohjanmaan ja Pohjanmaan oikeusaputoimiston talous- ja velkaneuvonta

You can book an appointment by calling telephone number 029 56 61245 (Vaasa, Kokkola)

The email address of the Financial and Debt Counselling Office is

Problems with neighbours

Sometimes it is possible to experience a recurring disturbance from a neighbour, such as loud noise or other disturbing situations, harassment, bullying, and conflict. In such cases, consider whether you can discuss the matter directly with your neighbour or with your other neighbours. You can also contact the property manager.

If there are minor children in the neighbourhood whose safety is a concern, contact the police, social services or child welfare services.


If your lifestyle causes serious problems, you may lose your rental contract. The property owner can take the matter to the district court, from where you will be served an eviction notice.

A destrainor announces the eviction date and executes the eviction.

If an eviction date has been announced, the operation must be handled through a distraint office. The distraint office, together with the property owner, can consider whether it is possible to change the eviction date if you have a new apartment to go to and the move is due in the next few days.

If the eviction is not cancelled and you do not have a new home, contact the social services