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Public transport

Bus tickets and service points

You can travel on local buses in Vaasa using a single ticket, as well as with a Waltti season ticket or a value (pay as you go) card. Single tickets can be bought directly on the bus.

Waltti rechargeable card

A Waltti card can be loaded (credited) either as a season ticket or as a pay as you go card.

The season ticket entitles a user to an unlimited number of trips and is valid for 30 days after the first use. The ticket is only valid for the person named on the card.
The value card (pay as you go card) can be loaded (credited) for a desired value – the minimum is 10 € and the maximum is 200 €. The fare is deducted from the card according to the price list. The ticket is only valid for the person named on the card.

Waltti card sales and top-up service points in Vaasa

Price list

Price list (pdf)

Contactless payment

Contactless payment € Single ticket Day ticket
A-zone 1,50 5,20

Value ticket (using the Waltti-card)

Value ticket € Adults Students Seniors 70+ Youth/children
1 zone 1,33 1,00 1,00 0,80
2 zones 2,77 2,50 2,50 1,75
3 zones 4,20 4,00 4,00 2,70

The changeover time for the local buses in Vaasa is one hour. The card must also be stamped on the new bus, but a charge will not be made during the changeover period.

A new card costs 5 euros.

Single ticket (payment in cash on the bus)

Cash € Adults Youth/children
1 zone 2,00 1,70
2 zones 4,50 2,50
3 zones 5,20 2,70

Mobile ticket

Single ticket € Adults Youth/children
1 zone 3,00 1,50
2 zones 4,00 2,00
3 zones 5,00 2,50


Day ticket € Adults Youth/childen
1 zone 5,20 3,00
2 zones 6,20 4,00
3 zones 7,20 5,00

Season ticket 30 days

Waltti-card and mobile app € Adults Students Youth/children
1 zone 35,00 29,00 23,00
2 zones 50,00 41,50 33,00
3 zones 65,00 54,00 43,00

Children (0–6-years) travel for free with a paying passenger. A child under 7 years of age travelling alone needs a children’s ticket.

Youth/ Children 7–18 years
Adults over 18 years
Students over 18 years


Public Transport Zones in the Vaasa region area

The Waltti card is used in the A, B and C zones.

A-zone: Vaasa, Sepänkylä

B-zone: Veikkaala

C-zone: Vähäkyrö

See the payment zones in the Vaasa area or routes and zones.

  • You can pay for bus travel on Vaasa public transport with a mobile phone from 28 October 2019. The mobile ticket is purchased with the Waltti mobile app.