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Local transport (Vaasa buses)

  • Waltti matkakortti Vaasa
  • Waltti matkakortti Vaasa
  • Waltti matkakortti Vaasa

Note! Vaasa buses are switching over to new Waltti-travel cards on 05.09.2016. You can get the new bus cards from three different service points. It will no longer be possible to top up old cards after 5.9. Read more details here.

Schedules and routes

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Tickets and service points

Waltti - new ticket system


Customer service contact information

Vaasan paikallisliikenne Oy 
Hovioikeudenpuistikko 11 
65100 Vaasa 
Tel: 06-3120 326 
Fax: 06-3567455
Opening hours: 

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City of Vaasa feedback channel (user interface only in Finnish / Swedish)

The City of Vaasa plans bus routes in cooperation with operators. Route and schedule planning are the backbone of school transportation for primary school, vocational school and high school students. The development of commuting is important, and the city listens to the wishes of local employers.