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Apply for an early childhood education place in the spring already now

Published: 17.10.2023

If a child does not yet have a place in early childhood education, but the need for a place for January 2024 is already known in the family due to the parent/guardians' work or studies, then it is recommended to apply for a place by the end of October. You should also apply for a transfer to another early childhood education centre now.

In this case, early childhood education has better opportunities to plan activities and allocate places as best as possible in accordance with the wishes of families.

You can apply for an early childhood education place in Vaasa all year round according to the family’s needs. The hope, however, is that applications for new places for the spring would be submitted as early as 31 October, if the need for the spring is already known to the family. Apply for a place in early childhood education for your child.

– When we receive as many applications as possible in time for the spring, we are better able to plan our activities and modify the structure of the groups, for example, if necessary, says service manager Maria Karvonen.

Request more than one place in the application

Karvonen advises that you should always request more than one place in the application.

– You can put three requests in the application, and you should definitely fill them in. In certain areas it is more difficult to get a place, such as the city centre, so you should always put in other alternative options.

Although there is a shortage of early childhood education places in certain areas, such as in the city centre, every child is always assigned a place somewhere in early childhood education.

– Of course, we strive to ensure that as many families as possible can be guaranteed a place in early childhood education according to the family’s wishes, for example close to home, advises Karvonen.

Teeriniemi’s new daycare centre will open in March 2024

A new daycare centre for 150 children will be completed in Teeriniemi in the spring of 2024. The new Finnish-language daycare centre will have a total of eight groups for children aged 0-6.

Until the beginning of March, Teeriniemi daycare centre will operate in the old premises on the adjacent plot, from where the groups will move to the new building. New children can also apply to the daycare centre.

The new daycare centre will be located on the plot next to the current daycare centre at the intersection of Teeriniemenkatu and Joutsenenkatu and will be opened in March 2024.

Help is always available from the service coordination

Help with applying for a place in early childhood education is available, for example, from the service coordination for early childhood education.

– We advise families on matters related to applications and inform about the different options available. You can always call or send us an email if you have any questions about early childhood education places, says service coordinator Agneta Brännbacka.

See contact information and phone times here

Note! Customer service secretaries handle questions related to early childhood education customer fees, see contact information and phone times.