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Digihelp service
Digitalkkari Tommi Kallio-Kujala from Digi help service provides digital support at the main library.

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Do you need digital guidance?

Published: 3.4.2023

Digital support is available in Vaasa, but according to feedback, it has been difficult to find digital support services. Now in Vaasa, the contact information of those providing digital support and advice for electronic transactions has been brought together on the website. The Spring 2023 digital support brochure can also be obtained from Citizen Services (Kansalaisinfo), the joint customer service point in Vähäkyrö, and libraries.

– The purpose of digital support is to help municipal citizens use their electronic devices independently and safely for electronic transactions. Everybody should have the opportunity to use digital devices and services in their daily life in a way that is suitable for them, says coordinator Senni Korhonen.

All the service providers shown on the digital support website offer digital support mostly free of charge. The service providers are from non-profit organisations.


Everybody needs digital support sometimes

With digital skills, it is unnecessary to strive towards having the same competence level as someone else, and there is no need to feel ashamed when asking for help. It is more important to identify your own needs regarding digital services and possible areas of improvement.

– Digital services can sometimes make things easier because you can do them from home. You can also get interesting content in your daily life, such as a keep fit lesson in your own living room or the opportunity to talk face-to-face with a friend or relative who lives far away, says digital consultant Tommi Kallio-Kujala.

Digitalkkari (Digi help service) provides help with everyday digital challenges in Finnish and English at the main library as well as remotely.

Digital support for many different needs

You can use the computer and printer at the library if you do not have your own electronic device or internet connection.

Support for the purchase of your own device as well as personal or group guidance for your own device, or even support when using applications and social media, for example, can all be obtained from the Digitalkkari service.

Advice on the city’s electronic services and support in finding official services is provided by the Welcome Office.


Give feedback about the new website

Take a look at the new website and give your feedback: Did you find the digital support you needed on the website or how could we improve the pages? You can also give feedback on the website and digital support brochures at the city library’s Digitalkkari (Digi help service) (Kirjastonkatu 13, weekdays from 10:00 – 17:00).

Did you also know?

The authorities have a statutory obligation to provide guidance on the use of the electronic services they offer.

Many companies offer targeted support in the use of their own electronic services, for example banks, insurance companies, media houses and shops.

General support, i.e. digital support that develops skills and is independent of services, is available in libraries and community colleges, as well as organised by associations and organisations.

Device support and guidance in the use of smart devices are offered by companies, among others. Device support can also be obtained from libraries and community colleges as well as organisations.

Relatives, parents, children, friends and other relations are the biggest provider of digital support. Digital support is often the first thing to ask for from relatives.