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Make the residents of Vaasa happy by playing an online game, and you may win a gift card!

Published: 30.5.2023

At the beginning of the summer, Vaasa residents can participate in the development of the city's well-being by playing an online game. Game signs around town encourage you to participate and help the game's unhappy characters with their problems. Every player is rewarded!

The game is started by scanning the QR code found on signs placed in the city or on the website

Everyone who has played the game to the end can choose a swimming pool ticket or a museum ticket as a reward. In addition, three 200 euro gift cards for the K group will be raffled off among all participants.

– The game combines Pokémon Go, the city of Vaasa’s happiness survey and role playing, and gives the player a chance to think about their own well-being while influencing the city’s services, says the welfare unit’s coordinator Rebecca Åkers.

Suitable for the whole family

An accessible version of the game and a map of the location of the game signs can be found at the address

In the game, the player discusses with different characters and helps them with different problems. The game can be played in Swedish, Finnish and English.

– We hope that the game is a pleasant experience for all players, and we encourage, for example, families to collect the various characters on a walk or on the way to the playground, encourages Åkers.

Residents’ responses help in renewing the welfare plan

The player’s task is to make Vaasa the happiest city in the world by helping ten unhappy people.

– The characters are based on real data collected from Vaasa residents, and each character has its own personality, interests and challenges, says Åkers. We hope the game is both a fun and thought-provoking experience.

Residents’ answers about their own well-being are needed to help in the work of renewing the city’s welfare plan.

Questions also about the residents’ own well-being

The game is part of the city of Vaasa’s welfare planning work.

– In the game, the player answers anonymously to questions about their own well-being as well. This helps us develop our services and renew the city’s welfare plan, Åkers describes.

– We want to include the residents’ opinions in this process. In this way, we know that our measures are correct and that the well-being of all Vaasa residents is promoted, says welfare director Virve Flinkkilä.