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Sundom skola now has more space both inside and outside

Published: 26.1.2024

Updated: 27.3.2024

An extension with four classrooms has been completed at Sundom skola primary school. At the same time, the school got a new music classroom and a new teachers’ room, and the heating system was changed from oil to energy-efficient geothermal heating.

Sundom skola is delighted with the long-awaited additional space and the completion of the renovation. Pupils and staff now have more space thanks to the completion of an extension to the existing school building.

– We have four more classrooms. A big change is also that the stairs to this two-storey school used to be outside the building, and now the stairway to the second floor is inside it, lists principal Annika Snickars.

The school now has designated classrooms for all groups and appropriate facilities for special education and music teaching.

Sundom skola 3B pupils Venny Ilmarinen (left), Alexander Koivisto, and Alicia Lindh enjoy the new school premises.

Four new classrooms

The new extension, built on the south-western end of the existing school building, is 520 m² in size and, like the rest of the school building, has two storeys. The extension has four classrooms, a space for special education, an entrance hall, toilets, and an indoor staircase.

Until the autumn of 2019, the school’s lack of space has been alleviated by detached, temporary units with two teaching rooms placed in the schoolyard. Now that the extension has been completed, these units can be dispensed with.

– They will be removed in January, and then we will also have more space at the back of the school, including a small basketball court, says Snickars.

The staircase to the second floor is now indoors.

Energy-efficient geothermal heating has replaced oil heating

The project involved replacing the school’s old heating system, oil heating, with energy-efficient geothermal heating.

– Eliminating the oil heating system is a step towards a carbon-neutral Vaasa. We received funding of around €170 300 from the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland (ARA), says Teemu Ranta, Project Manager at the Premises Management Office of the City of Vaasa.

Changes were also made to the existing school premises. The teachers’ room was moved to a more central location in the school, and the music class moved to better and larger premises.

The teachers’ room was moved to a more central location during the renovation. ”We now have the best teacher’s room in the city,” says Annika Snickars, principal of Sundom Skola.

Social facilities and an accessible toilet for the library

The total cost of the project is €3.7 million. This includes the construction of the extension, the modifications to the existing school building, and the replacement of the heating system.

The Sundom library, which is in the same building as the school, now has proper social facilities for its staff and an accessible toilet for library users.

Entrance hall space in the new part of the school.