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Physiotherapy for long-term illnesses

Physiotherapy for long-term illnesses is carried out on the basis of a doctor's assessment or a rehabilitation plan. When your referral for physiotherapy reaches the physiotherapist, you will receive a notice of a reserved time either by letter or telephone.

Physiotherapy is usually started as soon as basic mobility, function and working capacity are impaired and is always carried out according to an individually designed plan.

Physiotherapy includes, among other things, exercises to increase joint mobility and muscle strength, as well as various walking, balance and coordination exercises. The exercises emphasize the active role of the patient and independent practice.

Long-term physiotherapy covers cerebrovascular disorders and other neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, MS and various muscular diseases. In addition, long-term physiotherapy includes patients with heart, lung, cancer and rheumatic diseases, as well as patients with amputations, spinal cord injuries and pain.

Physiotherapy is free of charge for people under the age of 18 and for clients whose healthcare coverage fees have been reached during the year. In all other cases, you will be charged € 11.40 for a physiotherapy visit.