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Culture House Fanny

The Culture House Fanny is open for hire for example for events, parties and hobby activity.

The aim of Culture House Fanny is to support the development of multicultural Vaasa by promoting interaction among people from different countries, supporting voluntary cultural activities and endorsing the general cultural activities of the city. The Culture House provides a platform for interaction between immigrants and the native population and serves as a low-threshold meeting place.

The Culture House is used for youth activities organised by the youth department as well as for other cultural events and happenings. The Wildlife Vaasa Nature Film Festival office is also located there.

The various rooms of the house can be rented out for meetings, parties and events, etc.

The house is managed by the City of Vaasa’s Cultural and Library Services.


  • Caretaker tel. 040 842 4398
  • Email:
  • Rent and keys: City Hall Warden Jari Suomela or City Clerk Kenneth Salmensuo tel. 040 501 0240

Culture House Fanny
Kirkkopuistikko 34
65100 Vaasa


Fest Hall, Culture House Fanny
Fest Hall

Fest Hall, Culture House Fanny

Hall, Culture House Fanny

Hobby Room 113, Culture House Fanny
Hobby Room 113

Culture House Fanny

Kitchen, Culture House Fanny


Available reservation times can be viewed using the Timmi-calendar.

Main Hall:

  • 160 people (chairs), 200 people (without chairs)
  • 27 tables (4 persons)
  • Size: Hall 204.5 m2, Stage 46.5 m2

Sonera 4G Wi-Fi connection available.


Ramp access to the premises.
Accessible toilet on the premises.


House rules

1. The lessee is responsible for security during the event and shall be acquainted with the house’s rescue plan.

2. The lessee signs the rental agreement. The signatory is the person responsible for how the event is arranged, maintaining order and complying with the rules.

3. According to the agreement, the keys will be collected and returned from the City Hall’s clerk, at Senaatinkatu 1. The signatory of the lease is responsible for retrieving and returning the key. The lessee must reimburse the costs of replacing a lost key.

4. The event must end at 00:00. The alarms will go on in the premises after that. An unjustified alarm visit will be invoiced to the lessee in accordance with Verifi’s price list.

5. After the event, the premises must be returned to the same condition as when hired, with the tables and chairs set back in place. Cleaning equipment is available on the premises. If the lessee neglects the obligation to re-organize and clean the premises, then Cultural Services will invoice the lessee in accordance with the price list.


– Outdoor areas are cleaned in front of the entrances (pick up loose litter, cigarette ends, etc.)
– Vacuum clean the floors.
– Wipe the floors with a damp mop. Use a suitable detergent and change the washing water frequently. Use as little water as possible on the parquet floor of the hall.
– Take the rubbish to the rubbish bins in the yard.
– Wipe the tables and the chairs, if necessary, with a damp cloth.
– Wipe the kitchen hobs and appliances.

Cleaning after parties and events held on Friday and Saturday is automatically purchased from an external provider (min. 2 hrs., according to the price list). This does not relieve the lessee of the obligation to put the premises in order. The lessee must also clean litter away, clean the outside area if necessary and do the washing up.

6. The lessee will replace any items that are damaged, broken or lost. The lessee is obliged to report any damage or equipment that is broken. This notification must be made no later than on the first workday following the event to

7. The lessee is responsible for keeping the doors of the house locked during the event and for closing the doors after the event. Cultural Services will inform the lessee if there are other groups in the house at the same time and how to act accordingly.

8. The lessee is responsible for obtaining the necessary permits for the event and that the proper security arrangements for the event have been established (police, rescue service).

9. The reservation is binding but can be cancelled free of charge no later than 7 working days before the booked time. If cancelled later, 50 percent of the total price of the reservation will be charged.

10. Smoking is strictly prohibited indoors.

11. No candles or open flames are permitted.

12. Culture House Fanny is not a licensed establishment (no alcohol sales). Although, official can make an exception and admit the permission based on means test.

13. Use of a gas grill or similar in the kitchen is prohibited for safety reasons.

14. In case of problems, contact outside office hours: phone 0400 230 001 (NYQS Oy)

15. Cultural and Library services, as the administrator of the premises, has the right not to rent the premises for any particular event, if necessary.

Price list

Price list from 1.1.2024

Normal price

(incl. VAT 24%)

Cultural and multicultural associations and actors, communes of young and students 

(incl. VAT 24%)

Vaasa City’s units

(VAT 0%)

Main Hall, 160-200 persons
1 hour 45€ 35€ 15€
Day between 8-00 390€ 280€ 250€
Weekend between Fri at 20-Sun at 11 480€ 360€ 250€
Club room, 30 persons
1 hour 25€ 20€ 15€
Re-organizing the space 40€ 40€ 40€
Cleaning, at least 2 hours (incl. VAT 24%)
1 hour, weekday 37€ 37€ 25€
1 hour, Saturday 44€ 44€ 30€
1 hour, Sunday 55€ 55€ 40€

Reservation form

General instructions

Organizing a public event

The lessee must ensure that all necessary permits, notices and other arrangements are in place in good time before the event begins. A successful public event is created when the preliminary planning has started on time and the people in charge have been appointed, potential co-workers have been arranged and the necessary permits are in order. All instructions, rules and regulations must be followed. The lessee is responsible for the safety of the participants at their event and for familiarizing themselves with the rescue plan of the premises.

Announcement of a public event

The organisation of a public event at a venue must be notified to the police in writing. An public event means entertainment events, competitions, performances and other similar events. There is no need to report private events at Culture House Fanny, with a few exceptions. Exceptions are also public events which, due to the small number of participants or the nature of the event, do not require action to maintain order and safety. The organizer must give notice at least five days before the start of the event.

Notification to the police must be made, for example, in the following cases:
• the organizer considers the event to require law enforcement officers
• the event requires a noise report
• the event requires traffic arrangements
• areas are reserved for public parking
• program numbers require security measures such as a demarcation of safe areas, rescue personnel or equipment.
• alcohol will be served at the event

Content of the notification:
• the organizer of the public event
• the purpose of the event
• the start and end time
• stewards appointed by the organizer
• drink serving and music
• contact person and their contact information

What else?

Remember to announce your open public event to the event calendar: