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The City of Vaasa for the benefit of entrepreneurs and companies

It is not always easy to run a business, but together we can make things smoother. When the city helps entrepreneurs, prosperous businesses are created, and the vitality of the region increases. That is why our goal is to be the most entrepreneur-friendly city in Finland. In this common goal, we all win – the city, the region, and the entrepreneurs.

Vaasa 💙 Entrepreneurs

We in the City of Vaasa are committed to helping our entrepreneurs by all possible means. We want to make Vaasa the happiest place in Finland to run a business. And to show we are serious about our intentions, we have built a list of specific ways to ensure that this goal is achieved!


1. Discussing, developing and caring towards a better place to work

We meet regularly. Through open discussion and joint communication, we share our achievements.


2. We are proactive and look for solutions together

“Everything is possible in Vaasa” is our motto. We are not discouraged if things don’t succeed immediately, but look for other alternatives.


3. We provide professional support

We answer your questions and direct you to the right experts without delay.


4. Everyone pulls together

We act fairly, equally, and consistently. We want to create open markets and opportunities, where even the smallest businesses can thrive.


5. Through trust and cooperation

You can always trust us. We comply with the Act on the Openness of Government Activities when we prepare things in cooperation with you.


6. Transparency considerations

We consider the effects of our operations on business operations, invest in business impact assessments and have an open&proactive dialogue.

A smoother everyday goal

We are developing the attractiveness of the city and operating conditions through even closer cooperation with entrepreneurs as well as by improving their operating conditions. This is reflected, among other things, in this way:

  • Under the leadership of the city, we organise regular meetings with representatives of the Vaasa Entrepreneurs’ Association, and we also support the mentoring network maintained by Rannikko-Pohjanmaan yrittäjät.
  • We train small entrepreneurs in procurement to make it easier for them to respond together to larger public procurements – for this we also have our own procurement mentor network.
  • Together with the Vaasa Entrepreneurs’ Association, we organise various information events as well as morning coffee meetings or remote meetings.
  • The city’s strategy process has long been inclusive: entrepreneurs also have a say in it.
  • We carry out nationwide recruitment campaigns to bring new experts, entrepreneurs and employees to the region, for example the tö campaign in the autumn of 2020.

For everyday life to succeed as an entrepreneur, we also want to make entrepreneurship even easier here! Together, we develop a more entrepreneur-friendly Vaasa – in a positive spirit. Be part of the cooperation!

Working together to support entrepreneurs

The Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK is a business and development company owned by the municipalities of the Vaasa region. VASEK serves companies by offering free business advice to both start-ups and regional companies. VASEK provides entrepreneurs with personal development services and their experts provide advice and support at all stages of your company’s life cycle.

The City of Vaasa aims to offer a wide range of commercial and industrial plots in different parts of the city. Learn more about these here.

The Port of Vaasa has a strategic location; the distance between the port and the international airport is only 10 kilometres and both the motorway and the railway are in the vicinity of the port. The port offers the northernmost year-round shipping lane across the Kvarken.

Would you like to hire a young enthusiastic person to work for you? This is now possible because the city pays a maximum of 500 euros / person in support to an employer who has hired a young person with a summer job voucher.