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A happy and competent Vaasa -theme programme

The vision for the theme group of Happy and Competent Vaasa is to make Vaasa the happiest city in Finland.

Our priority is to take care of each inhabitant’s wellbeing. We want to make their daily life fluent by seeing that the basic services are of good quality, that the environment is safe and comfortable, and that everyone is given the opportunity to find their own place both in their career and personal life. It should be easy to be happy in Vaasa.

Theme programmes:

  • The cross-administrative theme programmes compile and describe the central measures to implement the strategic steps, explicating on the related responsibilities, schedules, and indicators.
  • Each thematic programme reports to a steering group that convenes regularly.

The three goals of the theme programme Happy and Competent Vaasa

  1. Happy and prosperous residents
  2. Concentration of domestic and international experts
  3. Customer-oriented welfare cooperation model

The theme programme’s measures per goal:

1. Happy and prosperous residents

  • Develop low threshold and preventive services
  • Promote welfare through the activities that remain with the city
  • Implementation of the culture and sports programme
  • Make the city more vibrant and comfortable
  • Strengthen participation and equality
  • Child-friendly municipal model measures

2. Concentration of domestic and international experts

  • Strengthen the international education path
  • Enable university growth in new areas
  • Promote internationalisation
  • Develop and effectively provide specialised education
  • Increase internships and develop internship programmes
  • Strengthen university cooperation
  • Knowledge and projects in the energy sector and green transition

3. Customer-oriented welfare cooperation model

  • Building a welfare ecosystem, coordinating wellbeing
  • Advocacy in welfare system reform
  • Conception of a common customer service point

Steering group of theme program


  • Branch manager Christina Knookala, chairperson
  • Director of welfare Virve Flinkkilä
  • Principal of Vamia Åsa Stenbacka
  • Chief education officer Kari Nummela
  • Controller Henry Niemi, secretary

Elected officials:

  • Hans Frantz / Eva-Maria Strömsholm
  • Anne-Marie Viinamäki / Marko Heinonen
  • Tuija Kivioja / Antonio Teca
  • Harri Moisio / Mai-Gret Axell

Stakeholder representatives

  • Pia-Maria Sjöström / Jim Eriksson, Pohjanmaan hyvinvointialueen kuntayhtymä
  • Sanna Eronen, VAMK
  • Minna Huhta, Vaasan seudun Areenat kuntayhtymä:

Indicators for monitoring

  • Happiness (average value)
  • Gini coefficient
  • Amount of students
  • Street security index
  • Youth unemployment
  • Weak physical functioning of children

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