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Vähäkyrö District Council

The Vähänkyrö District Council is subordinate to the central administration.

Information about Vähänkyrö District Council

  • The Regional Board is part of the City’s Central Administration. The head of the Central Administration is Mayor Tomas Häyry.
  • The activities and duties of the Vähänkyrö District Council are governed by the Code of Conduct of the Central Administration.

Composition of the Board

  • The Vähänkyrö District Board operates in the area of ​​the former Vähänkyrö Municipality.
  • The Regional Committee shall have seven (7) members and each member shall have a personal deputy.
  • The chairman and vice chairman of the Board must be authorised or a deputy delegate.
  • The members of the Regional Board are chosen from the inhabitants of the Vähänkyrö area in accordance with the political power of the region.

Tasks of the Board

  • The Vähänkyrö District Council will work with the rest of the city organisation
  • Cross-administrative development of neighbourhood services, livelihoods and participation in the Vähänkyrö district.
  • Promoting the wellbeing, vitality and inclusion of the Vähänkyrö district.

Contact information

Suvi Aho
tel. 050 326 8877