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Keskuskoulu is a Finnish-language primary school for grades 1–6. In addition to general instruction in Finnish, the school also provides full early language immersion teaching in Swedish.

The school aims to create an operating culture in the school community that promotes learning, inclusion, wellbeing and a sustainable lifestyle. The community values ​​goodwill and kindness.

Morning and afternoon activities

The aim of the morning and afternoon activities is to reduce the time that children are alone while their parents are at work or studying.

The school is responsible for morning activities (08:00–8:50) and VPS Juniorit are responsible for afternoon activities (12:00–16:00). VPS Juniorit arranges afternoon activities in schools for pupils in grades 1–2.

School council

The school council is an important part of the school community. Its goal is to develop the school as well as the community spirit and wellbeing throughout the school. Through the school council, all the school’s pupils can influence the way the school operates.

The council consists of pupils from grades 1-6. Council members act as a link between the pupils and school staff.

Club activities according to the Finnish model for leisure activities

Keskuskoulu is involved in the Finnish Model for Leisure Activities project, the goal of which is to make it possible for every child and young person to have an enjoyable and free hobby connected to the school day.

Registration for an activity takes place directly through the school, which also informs families about the activity. Piritta Peltoniemi is the teacher responsible for club activities at Keskuskoulu.

More information about the Finnish Model for Leisure Activities project in Vaasa  (in Finnish)

Parents’ Association

Together we make the school enjoyable!

The parents’ association of Vaasan Keskuskoulu was founded in the autumn of 2011. The goal of the association is to increase the unity and interaction of the school’s pupils and families, as well as the staff, and to support equal participation among the school’s pupils. The association works in close cooperation with the school.

The parents’ association collects funds for events by applying for grants and through voluntary support membership fees. Membership is free!

The voluntary membership fee is 10 euros per family and can be paid to the following account:

  • FI65 4970 0010 1299 46
  • Recipient: Vaasan Keskuskoulun vanhempainyhdistys ry
  • In the message field: Pupil’s class / Pupils’ classes

The parents’ association has its own page on Facebook

The association’s email address is

Language immersion education and association

Read more about language immersion teaching

Language immersion association

Together we do more!

Vaasan Kielikylpy-yhdistys is an association that acts as a link between language immersion pupils and their parents, teachers, the authorities and researchers.

The association participates in various forms of language immersion cooperation and is involved in the development of language immersion teaching.

Kielikylpy-yhdistys also supports the language immersion pupils’ camp schools, trips, game days, bazaars and theatre visits, as well as in purchasing materials.

The association’s website (in Finnish)


Contact us

  • Headmaster Britt Kaskela-Nortamo  040 730 5561

  • Assistant headmaster Pernilla Nylund  040 194 6432

  • School secretary Tarja Vuorenmaa   040 198 2412

  • Teachers’ room   040 183 8106

  • Afternoon activities, Group Musta (in the school premises), Marika Lahnakoski  050 406 2510

  • Afternoon activities, Group Valkoinen (Kauppapuistikko), Emilia Kalliokoski  045 110 7370

  • The school personnel’s email is always in the form
  • The pupil welfare personnel, that is, the nurses, the school social worker and the school psychologist, work under the Welfare District (rather than the City of Vaasa). Their email addresses are in the form