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Länsimetsän koulu

Länsimetsän koulu is a Finnish-language primary school providing basic education for grades 1-6.

In addition to general education in Finnish, our school provides early complete language immersion education in Swedish. Furthermore, at Länsimetsän koulu, besides English and Swedish, it is also possible to study German as an optional subject in the fourth grade.

Our school is in a natural environment, which is also reflected in our teaching. The yard, designed as a local recreation area, offers many opportunities for physical exercise classes and breaks. We value traditions, but we also strive to be a modern, future-oriented school operating openly, where the active use of information technology is an important part of learning.

The school has an active school council and parents’ association. Our own traditions include, for example, annual playful events, such as a mini-Olympics, mini-marathons, and multiplication table competitions. Developing an interest in reading and improving reading skills play a central role at Länsimetsän koulu.

Länsimetsän koulu has an Instagram account, through which you can get to know the school’s everyday life and celebrations.

The mission of our school:

“A strong start to the school path of life
under competent and safe guidance
striving to get ahead through my own efforts
together with others
towards the opportunities the world has to offer.”

Language immersion teaching
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Language immersion education


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  • The school personnel’s email is always in the form
  • The pupil welfare personnel, that is, the nurses, the school social worker and the school psychologist, work under the Welfare District (rather than the City of Vaasa). Their email addresses are in the form