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Vaahteramäen avoin päiväkoti

Vaahteramäki Open Day Care is a place for under school age children as well as their parents and childminders.

Vaahteramäki Open Day Care offers two kinds of activities:

  • The open day care is open for free play
    • Monday  and Friday between 9.00 and 15.30 (9 am to 3.30 pm)
    • Tuesday between 13.00 and 15.30 (1 pm to 3.30 pm)
    • Wednesday and Thursday between 12.30 and 15.30 (12.30 pm to 3.30 pm)
  • It runs club activity from Tuesday to Thursday between 9.00 and 12.00 (9 am to 12 am)

The day care workers of the Open Day Care are bilingual (finnish and swedish) and guided by three day care workers.

The purpose of the Open Day Care is to provide the children and their caretakes opportunities for playing, singing, crafting, discussing, and having cosy times together.

At the Open Day Care, all adults join the activities together with the children, but the adult who accompanies the child is responsible for them. The activities can be joined without reserving a spot in advance.

The Open Day Care does not offer meals, but coffee and tea can be bought very affordably, and the facilities are equipped with a microwave for heating up anything you want to bring with you.

The club activity is aimed for children 3 to 5 years of age, who do not have a placement in the municipal early childhood education and care. Clubs can accept up to 13 children. Apply for the clubs here!

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We are open

  • Open daycare: Mondays and Fridays 9.00-15.30, Tuesdays 13-15.30, Wednesdays and Thursdays 12.30-15.30

  • Club: Tue - Thu 9.00-12.00

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