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Lapsi soittaa pianoa

Instrument Start

Sometimes it takes time to find the instrument that works best. The youngest students start to play through the instrument start course, a kind of test study.

The instrument start course is aimed at 6-8 year-olds. The instrument start lessons are held either individually or in a group, 1-2 times a week. The Kuula-opisto rents out instruments, so it is possible to have one already at the beginning of the course.

As a parent, you are welcome to also attend your child’s lessons according to the teacher’s wishes. This will give you the best knowledge of how to work and support your child’s music hobby.

Who can apply

The school year 2024-2025: for children born in 2016-2018. Search for a specific instrument or group of players.

Instruments available for the Instrument Start courses

  • 2018 born: flute, clarinet, saxophone, cello and violin
  • 2015-2016 born:  baritone horn, accordion, flute, guitar, clarinet, French horn, trombone, piano, saxophone, cello, trumpet, tuba and violin.

More information of musical instruments


Registrationperiod is 11.4 – 12.5.2024 through Kuula-opisto’s Wilma registration program.
The Kuula-opisto registers as many student groups as possible, starting with the oldest. The number of students may vary depending on the instrument.

Content and teaching aims

During the school year, students will receive

  • personal teaching 35 x 20 min OR
  • pair teaching 35 x 20-40 min

In addition, orchestral instruments have a class lesson once a week, for example in a string or a wind ensemble.

General objectives:

  • introduce students and family to the nature and demands of the hobby
  • assess the student’s suitability for instrument studies, e.g. in terms of instrument selection, progress, enthusiasm and motor skills
  • assess the suitability of continuing instrument studies after the instrument start course is over

Player-specific objectives:

  • find a natural playing position
  • learn the basics of note reading and playing techniques
  • receive guidance on homework and regular practice
  • learn how to take care of your instrument
  • have the courage to express yourself musically
  • explore possible instrument-specific pair teaching or playing as a group


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