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Morning and afternoon activity fee concessions

Published: 26.3.2020

In Vaasa, the fees for the morning and afternoon activities of primary school pupils in Grades 1-2 will be partially refunded if the child is distance learning at home. Pupils who receive face-to-face classroom teaching are still eligible for morning and afternoon activities.

According to the Government’s decision, all pupils in Grades 1-3 have the right to participate in face-to-face classroom teaching. However, it is strongly recommended that families keep pupils distance learning at home, if at all possible.

Morning and afternoon activities are available for Grades 1-2 as well as students eligible for special needs in other grades. Activity fees are partially refunded if the child is at home.

There are two credit periods, 18 -31 March as well as 1-13 April. Up to 50% of the monthly fee will be refunded if the child is at home during one of periods. The child may be absent from activities either for one period at a time or for both periods.

The refund will appear on your March and/or April invoice.

Pupils receiving classroom lessons are eligible for morning and afternoon activities

Pupils who receive classroom lessons are still eligible for morning and afternoon activities.

If the guardians wish to terminate the child’s place in the morning and afternoon activities, they must do so in writing ( The period of notice shall be at least one month. Invoicing will continue in full (or 50% depending on usage time) until the end of the full month following the month of termination.

If the Government decides to extend the exceptional circumstances beyond 13 April, 2020, a new decision will be made on the refunding of morning and afternoon activity fees.

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