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Morning and afternoon activities

The City of Vaasa arranges morning and afternoon activities for pupils in Grades 1 and 2 as well as for pupils in other grades who are eligible for special support.

Activities are voluntary and paid for by the families.

Morning and afternoon activities are organised during school days from 8am to 4pm.

Activities are mainly organised in schools, and each unit has an activity supervisor. Transportation for morning and afternoon activities is only provided for students with disabilities, for whom a special care programme has been made.

The aim of the morning and afternoon activities is to reduce the time children spend alone, away from the presence of a responsible adult, before and after the school day. The goal is to provide the children with a versatile range of refreshing and stimulating high-quality leisure activities.


Applications for morning and afternoon activities are made electronically for one year at a time via the Wilma registration program. Applications are made in January.

The decisions on the activity groups for the school year are based on the number of applications submitted within the stipulated time. A decision on the placement will be sent by the end of May. Applications returned after the application period will be considered and will be accepted if space is available in the groups. If you wish, you can queue for a place.  You can also apply for a place on special grounds during the middle of the school term via the application form (in Finnish).


Cancellation policy

The cancellation of a place in a morning and afternoon activity group must be made in writing using a notice of cancellation form. In the event of a cancellation in the autumn, a complete exemption from the participation fee can only be obtained due to relocation from the community or an economic change in the family circumstances (including unemployment, job alternation leave, maternity leave). Otherwise, half of the participation fee will be charged after the month of notice.


There is a standard monthly fee of €100 for morning and afternoon activities. Payment includes managed activities, snacks, materials and insurance.

An exemption from the participation fees may be on economic and social grounds. The application for an exemption is made on the exemption form.


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